Stogie Review On Cigar Aficionado’s 2007 Picks

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Stogie Review On Cigar Aficionado’s 2007 Picks

In case you haven’t heard already, Cigar Aficionado put out their official list of the top cigars for 2007 in the most recent edition of the magazine. If you don’t get the magazine, have no fear, you can still get the full scoop on their website. And once you’ve had a look, why not check out our thoughts on the 2007 winners?

Here’s a quick index to the reviews we’ve written for some of the cigars appearing on that list.

#4: Oliva Serie V – If I were going to pick the top cigar of 2007, this would probably be it. It’s a great smoke, and at an incredibly good price. Walt got his hands on the pre-release of these fine smokes back in May of last year and smoked it down to the nub. (Also see his thoughts on the Lancero.)

#5: Ashton VSG

#9: CAO Vision

#12: San Cristobal – I reviewed this one, and I’m not at all surprised it makes it on the list, though I would have thought it would be in the top ten.

#13: Camacho Select

#14: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel

#24: Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra

As I was flipping through the article, I noticed theres a page dedicated to 2007’s cigar bargains. Here’s a couple we’ve reviewed from the list:

Illusion ~68~ – Worth every penny!

Perdomo Lot 23

Padron Londres

And of course, the Oliva Serie V!

finest smokes of the previous year. Well this list is a little different. Instead of focusing on the quality of the cigar by itself, I keep finding myself thinking about my 2007 smoking experiences as a whole. While a cigar I smoked in a quiet evening at home may have easily nailed a top five spot, I keep recalling how much more I enjoyed smoking another lesser smoke in a more exciting environment or with good friends.

So with no further ado, here’s my favorite five stogie experiences of the past year, counting down to number one.

5.) Cohiba Pyramide on the long car ride home. I’m a horrible golfer, and I’m not too proud to admit it. In spite of being possibly the world’s worst golfer, the anti-Tiger Woods, a couple of times a year I hit the course with a couple of other guys. After countless hours of searching the rough for my golf ball, embarrassing the other players with my patented 10-putt, and developing a deep red sun burn I settled in for about an hour and a half drive home. For the drive I lit up a Cuban Cohiba Pyramide I was given by a friend. And let me tell you, that was the best drive I’ve had in a long time. The cigar was delicious and gave me a mild, but very pleasant buzz for the ride home.

4.) That first Oliva Serie V with Jose Oliva and crew. As part of the launch of the phenomenally good Serie V, Jose Oliva himself went on tour with his cigar reps doing events all across the country. The local event was a big deal, and herfers were out in droves. It was a crazy, smoky, delicious evening, and Jose Oliva is very cool guy. And if this list were just about the cigars, the Serie V would still be on it, possibly at the top.

3.) CAO Sopranos Associate, good and bad, on the Honeymoon. I lit up my first overlooking the Pacific ocean on a peaceful evening leading up to the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it. A day or two later a group of friends and I lit them up again, and found them to be incredibly lackluster. But the evening was anything but. The boys and I crawled some of my favorite haunts of my home town and had a great time. So while that second smoke didn’t live up to my previously set expectations, the evening did.

2.) Numerous Smokes at RTDA. The whole experience of RTDA/IPCPR was fantastic, and if you have a change to go, you definitely should. I couldn’t tell you how many cigars I smoked while I was there, but what makes this experience rank highly in my list is all the great people I got to herf with. I don’t just mean the big names in cigar manufacturing, I mean people like Cigar Jack (who will make an appearance in the next YQMA), Dog Watch Dale, Stogie and TX_Tuff from CigarLive (great forum, consider joining if you haven’t!) and Heather and crew from Fumee World. Ironically, I also met some local retailers at the show, most notably, Jim Luftman of Blue Havana II and Sondra from Ash Cigar. Again, it was an incredible experience.

1.) CAO America at Mount Rushmore. As part of a cross country road trip last year, we planned to stop by Mount Rushmore. And in my preparation for the trip, I packed a couple of CAO Americas in my travel humidor to smoke along the way. It probably seems obvious now, but I hadn’t actually planned to smoke them at Mount Rushmore, but as we were driving the winding badland roads to get there, it struck me that it was the perfect place to light them up. But there was a snag. The grounds around the monument were 100% non-smoking, but that didn’t stop my friend and I from posing for a photo in front of the monument with the cigars hanging out of our mouths. (See picture above.) We actually wound up smoking them driving across South Dakota, but we thoroughly enjoyed them, and our visit to such an incredible landmark.

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