Xikar MTX Cigar Scissors

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Xikar MTX Cigar Scissors

Yep, I’m a little late today in posting my roll-of-the-dice Saturday cigar post. (It’s for a good reason, I assure you, but I won’t tell you why, because it definitely won’t help my cause out at all.) But the good news is that I have something a little different for you this week. Instead of an extra cigar review, or a bit of odd news, I’m going to review my brand new Xikar MTX cutter!

If you’ve been watching Walt’s cigar reviews for any length of time at all or if you’ve admired his artistic photographic experiments, you know that his preferred method of opening the cap on a cigar is his Xikar scissors. And if you’ve read my reviews for any length of time, you’ve also probably heard that my flamboyantly-red Xikar cutter has been getting pretty dull lately. So I was about to pull the trigger on an impulse buy from one of the daily cigar deal websites a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a deal on the Xikar MTX scissors. In my moment of weakness, I added those to my virtual basket, along with a fiver of something else I really didn’t need. Hey if I buy this one, I can send in my other Xikar in for sharpening, and not be without a decent cutter, I rationalized.

Transformer noises sold separately.

Fast forward to today. I’ve been using the new scissors for a week, and here are my thoughts on them, in handy, categorized bullet points.

What I Like

  • This cutter is incredibly sharp. Comparatively, my other standard Xikar has the cutting ability of a spork.
  • I love being able to open the cap of a cigar without noticeably changing the cigar’s profile. (To see what I’m talking about, check out my CAO Black VR review’s Tower of Burn.)
  • Being able to easily avoid trouble with the cap. In the week I’ve been using this cutter, I haven’t had a single issue with the cap falling off, or the cigar unraveling. (I usually have at least one cap issue in a week’s time.)
  • I dig the whole Mr. Miyagi-pruning-the-bonsai zen experience of cutting a cigar with these scissors. You don’t just clip a cigar with this Xikar, you prune and shape the head. Slap a beret and a condescending sneer on your head, with this cutter, you’re an artist!
  • It is very compact and safe when folded up. Not only will it not get in the way, you won’t accidentally lop off a finger with it rooting through your pocket.
  • The price. I actually paid about $12 less for these scissors than I did for my other Xikar.

What I Don’t Like

  • I find myself getting annoyed by the key ring loop. It gets in the way of closing the cutters. I think this would be a little less of a problem if I actually put the cutter on my key chain. I may have to try that.
  • It’s nearly impossible to open the cap up with a single clip. (Excluding torpedoes, figurados, and maybe lanceros.) So if you’re in a hurry, you may want to grab another cutter.
  • The loops kind of dig into your fingers while you’re clipping your cigar.

The Verdict
I’m am incredibly pleased with the purchase of the Xikar MTX, and have thoroughly enjoyed cutting my cigars with it. While I don’t see myself completely abandoning the standard guillotine cutter, I will probably be using these scissors as my default cutter. (Now where’s that address to send in my other Xikar?) I would recommend these to anyone whose curiosity is peaked by a new way of cutting cigars.

For an instructional video on how to use the Xikar MTX Multi-Tool, check out Walt’s Cigar Scissors Video

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27 thoughts on “Xikar MTX Cigar Scissors

  1. I got these a few weeks ago and am very pleased. The only problem I’ve had is with the RP 90 or 92 vintage cigars. Their caps are so small and wimpy that I use a punch cut on them as to not risk damaging the cap, which causes it to slowly unravel.

    Other then that, the scissors have been great on every cigar I’ve used them on. The only reason I considered them was hearing Walt describe the advantages. He apparently was right!

  2. Interesting Tom,
    I think for science, I need to try my new scissors out on a RP vintage this evening. Thanks for answer that question! (What should I smoke tonight?) If I’m feeling especially helpful, I’ll comment later on how it went!

    Thanks Tom!

  3. Brian,

    What did you mean when you said it was nearly impossible to open the cap up with a single clip ? I was thinking about getting these but was curious about this. Are you actually having to cut more than once to touch up the area ?


  4. Hi Jon,
    That statement isn’t technically correct. It is possible to smoke a cigar after a single clip. I just tried it a minute or two ago with the cigar I’m smoking now. It was definitely smokable after a single clip.

    But typically, yes, I clip quite a few times to get the cigar just how I want it. And that could just be due to my inexperience with the scissors. I just find that the opening is uneven, or little bits are sticking out, or something else that makes me want to groom it a bit. But then, I get hung up on such trivial things.

    Hopefully this helps you make up your mind. I still really like these scissors.

  5. Brian,
    I also cut several times with the scissors. The first cut is the most material (which in itself is minimal) then I take several much smaller cuts to prune and shape the head of the cigar.

    I’ll do a How-To video for Tuesday’s post.

    I get the impression you either like the scissors or you don’t. There isn’t a whole lot of in between.


  6. I assume your RP Vintage went well with the scissors eh? Perhaps my noobness with the scissors is to blame. Although I’m still sticking to my story… The caps on them are not really well made. I love the cigar, and the cap is my only complaint.

  7. Mine tend to jam underneath the other when I cut. That is starting to annoy me. I need to also remove the keychain part. I also have a small nick on mine, should send them in to be fixed.

  8. Tom,
    Yep, my clipping of the RP Vintage went off without a hitch. But I’m not gonna disagree with you, I’ve had more issues with the caps on the RP Vintages than any other cigar I can think of. Maybe you’re clipping too deep with the initial cut?

    LOL Your scissors sound like they’re in the same condition as my other Xikar. Which reminds me, I gotta send that other one in too.

  9. Hey waitaminute, by you having the same opinion on the RP caps as me, doesn’t that mean we are in agreement? Stop with the mind games 😉

  10. Xikar makes some great stuff and I’ve always been a fan of it – mainly because it lasts forever and feels heavy. The scissors I don’t know about – I just like the standard cutters. The Havana stuff is really nice too, but pretty pricey.

  11. Hi Brian,

    I know I’m late to this article but it’s a Great Review!
    Two quick questions: Do you have the chrome version? And do they tarnish/smudge a lot?
    I would like to get these scissors, but can’t decide between the bead blast or chrome finish.

    Second, how has the sharpness of the blades held up over the last two years?


    1. Actually, I’m not sure which ones I have, but the sharpness has held up well. I do also have one with black handles on my key chain, and the black has worn off a bit with time. Both work very well still, and get regular use.

  12. I am currently on my 4th xikar scissor, I purchased my first one 2007. This cutter is awesome and cuts and trims perfectly. The only problem is that the hinge does flex when you fold them back and forth and over time it will snap off. The great thing is, you send them to Xikar and they send you a brand new one under the guarantee for free 🙂 . Great product. Just a little inconvenient when you have to wait for your scissors to return.

    1. This post is nearly 6 years old, and I’m still using the same Xikar MTX Scissors. Actually, I have two now. One on my key chain, and the one pictured above that sits, always unfolded, on my desk near the ashtray. The one on my desk looks like new, the one on my key chain is showing its age. I rarely cut with anything else.

  13. I put mine on my key chain the same day it arrived, and that’s where it’s remained, for how long?

    I think it’s been 11-12 years. High time I sent them in for sharpening!

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