Check this out – Week 8 (2008)

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Check this out – Week 8 (2008)

In keeping with the trend, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of recommended reading, listening, and watching. With that said, here is what Brian and I checked out this week.


Cigar Advisor:
This week reviews the Nub 466 Habano. See how his experience compares to the 464 Torpedo.

Cigar Jack:
This week Jesse smokes the Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur and discusses the boutique Illusione

Cigar Monkey:
Dan smokes a CAO Gold Maduro and rates it an 87 out of 100

Keepers of the Flame:
Tom lights up a El Rey del Mundo Olvidados Robusto

Stogie Guys:
The Stogie Guys announce their newest associate.

The Box Press:
Kevin lights up the Oliva Angel 100 La Joya (Which is not produced by the Oliva Family that produces the Serie V)


Cigar Live Podcast:
TJ does his weekly wrap up of the happenings of Cigar Live on his weekly podcast.

Stogie Fresh 5:
For episode #107 the Doc smokes the Kentucky Twist

Dog Watch Cigar Radio:
Episode #155 of the show is up for your listening pleasure.

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