Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro (Guest Review)

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Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro (Guest Review)

This weeks guest review comes courtesy of Ace from our very own Fan Forums

I’m reviewing a cigar that is smoking pretty good.
It’s got spicy flavors, hints of leather and wood.
It’s a Perdomo Robusto Maduro from their Lot 23,
Walt didn’t much like it, but it’s working for me.

Lot 23 refers to a plot of Perdomo’s land,
so all the tobacco comes from it, except for the band.
The binder, the fillers, all the way to the wrapper,
but I’m not sure if it is a triple capper.

The cigar looks quite good, the wrapper toothy and oily.
It’s slighty rough to the touch, like a lace doily.
The color is very dark brown, not close to oscuro.
Since it’s all from Lot 23, it is a Nicaraguan puro.

It is 5 x 50, quite firm, yet consistent,
and lit easily as my Culinary Torch was persistent.
It is very full-flavored and offers plenty of spice,
probably medium to full-bodied and overall quite nice.

A 20 count box of these is about $77.00 on CI,
You can sometimes do better if you give CBid a try.
At Brick and Mortars they might be five bucks a stick,
finding good flavor at that price is still pretty slick.

They might be too much for someone new to the leaf,
starting with this stick might make your career brief.
It does have some power although it is not forbidding,
but still a newbie might say “Are you kidding?”

So, a short review for a stick itself short,
but one still good for a one-hour snort.
It won’t leave you wishing that you had had more,
It’s a flavorful stick guaranteed not to bore.

Ratings don’t do much for me so no 9 and no 8.
If you need that sort of thing, you’ll just have to wait.
I only use the Ace Binary Scale and that’s just for fun.
But the jury’s now in and I’m giving this bad boy a 1.

enjoying cigars since 2005

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