Cigar Bobken Cup Holder Ashtray

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Cigar Bobken Cup Holder Ashtray

I know what you’re thinking. You wondering what the heck a “Bobken” is. The only answer I can find is that it’s the name of the cup holder ashtray that I’m about to review. But still, it sounds really familiar doesn’t it? That could be because you’re thinking about the old English minced oath “Odds Bodkins”. Confused? Excellent, let’s get on with the review.

The subject of todays review was an impulse buy that didn’t wind up taking up permanent residence in a closet or the trunk of the car. In fact, my Cigar Bobken has accompanied me on many adventures, including a cross country road trip last year, and numerous outings on Lake Lanier in a friend’s boat. I’d say I’ve tested it about as thoroughly as is reasonably possible over the past six months or so.

What the Bobken is, basically is two thick plastic pieces that fit together to make an incredibly handy portable ashtray. The lower half comprises a deep ash bowl and an arm designed to hang onto a ledge. The top portion has an elongated stirrup for securely holding your cigar and a funnel to collect and send ash down into the darkness below.

The inner workings of the Bobken

The important question is, how well does it work? And in my experience, it has worked rather well. But let’s break it down into the good and the bad, so you can better determine if this gadget will work for you.

The Good

  • I love being able to set a cigar down in the car without having to worry about setting something on fire.
  • I have never found a cup holder this ashtray won’t fit into. The manufacturer wisely made it about the size of your standard coke can.
  • I’ve never had a problem with ash flying everywhere or falling on the floor while using the Bobken.
  • Though it could be bigger, you can probably smoke a couple of robustos before you have to empty it. If you smoke smaller cigars commuting to the office, you’ll probably be able to go a long time without having to empty it.
  • It does a great job of hiding ash and cigar butts.
  • It’s very hard plastic, and won’t break if dropped. Repeatedly. And kicked across the garage when you’ve had a few too many.

The Bad

  • I’ve never been in a situation where the lower ledge hook came in handy. I don’t have a balcony, and my friends newer fishing boat doesn’t have ledges this will hook onto. (However, it does have cup holders!)
  • This ashtray is only as handy as your cup holders. My older car decided to place cup holders in a spot very low relative to the seat, making it easy to bump your knee into the ashtray.
  • Cigars may face an early death. As you smoke the cigar down into the final third, the stirrup doesn’t hold it as firmly. A quick break may send your unfinished smoke headlong into the funnel of doom.
  • You won’t score style points with this accessory. In fact, you might want to prepare yourself to be the punch line of some Jeff Foxworthy jokes.

A fairly small profile from the top

So while it won’t impress your date, it is an incredible convenience. And a must have for the commuting cigar smoker. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I went back to the shop I bought the first one at to buy another, only to find they’ve stopped carrying it. Ah, but have no fear, our good friends over at Cigarmony carry the Cigar Bobken (you can find it here and here), and at better prices than I originally paid! Couple that with our special Stogie Review coupon code (sr2008) for 5% off, and you’re looking at a pretty sweet deal.

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16 thoughts on “Cigar Bobken Cup Holder Ashtray

  1. Julian over at has these for $5.95 each. If you order some cigars off him he will likely send you one for free if you ask. He offered to send me one once but I opted for a regular ashtray. I really didn’t understand the concept of the blumpkin…or bobkin, or whatever you call it, at the time. Now that I know how it works I think I will get me one. Thanks Brian. Geez , I learn something new here almost every day!

  2. I have been looking for these at every truck stop I fill up at and have checked a couple cigar shops I stop at. I have yet to find them. I really need to throw one in the cart with my next on-line purchase.

  3. clint in canada,
    Ah, man, you had to go and spoil the fun by learning something! LOL I’ll keep that offer in mind the next time I order something from cigar place. I could use one for the other car.

    I’m surprised they’re not easier to find, I don’t know of a better cigar ashtray for a car.

  4. Oh come on now Brian I can’t believe that you don’t remember riding around in cars with zero cup holders in them when you were younger. That “lower ledge hook” looks a lot like after market cup holders that you would smash in between the window and the rubber seal so you could have a place to hang your drink on the door. It worked okay until you actually closed the window or slammed the door. But hey, who doesn’t mind cleaning up a little syrupy soda now and then, especially if the other passenger hasn’t gotten all the way out yet…

  5. I have had one for awhile and LOVE IT. Like Brian said, it is nice to have a place to set your cigar when you step out of your car or need both hands. This is also great since some cars don’t even have an ashtray. I recommend picking one up if you smoke in the car. I think this would work if you go to a place that does not have a cigar ashtray. Just bring it in and enjoy your cigar! Ok, you might look a bit crazy, I know I do when I bring my Stinky in with me.

  6. Ok brian you contributed to my bad week with the wife being all over me. And I blame you if I have a mysterious accident in the next week.

  7. I’ve had one in my car for a year now, and I love it too. The lower ledge hook is my favorite part of the design, as it allows me to jam it between the rubber seal and window of the door. I angle the top part so it forms a 90 degree angle with the lower part, and I rest my cigar there while I drive with the window cracked. While the car is in motion the smoke exits straight out the window, preventing my car from getting too smokey. It has made smoking in the car so much more easier and cleaner.

  8. You can probably keep the ashes of 3 or 4 cigars in there, but I always empty after each use to prevent the funk of stale ashes in my car.

  9. I was just wonder, how durable is the little window ledge? I have a little 1994 nissan with SHALLOW cup holders. And i can only use one because the GPS charger blocks the other one. 🙁
    So I have a feeling I will be using the ledge. Thanks all.

  10. Alex,
    I have one and use it in a cup holder regularly. Some have had great sucess with the window feature but I don’t know that I would trust it to safely hold a hot cigar above my lap. To trust it I would need to see the plastic arm extend into the window further.

    Again, others have had great success and this is only one persons opinion.


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