Twitter Poll: Best Value Smoke

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Twitter Poll: Best Value Smoke

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Last week I posted a quick question on Twitter asking what cigar everyone though was the best value, or bang for your buck. The responses were great and brought a few cigars to mind that I haven’t had in some time.

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The Results:
@dcamacho: Padron! The 2000 is a fantastic smoke and its 3/4 dollars at my local B&M!

@click2riff: I really enjoyed the Padilla Hybrid too once upon a time!

@TomMclovin: I’m goin with the Oliva Serie V for now

@BrianHewitt: El Cobre! El Cobre! Beware the El Cobre, it lingers in the tall grass and bites just for fun!

@Dan360Man: i like the black cat prive rouge and the flor de oliva

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What cigars do you think give you the best bang for your buck?

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16 thoughts on “Twitter Poll: Best Value Smoke

  1. I think that the padrons are OK, but not really a value.

    To me the better value smoke would be Mayorga, another fine nic.

    Of course like all of my cigars I age them first.

  2. I have to add Gispert and Henry Clay to this fine list of smokes forming. I agree 100% with the Flor de Oliva and I’ve been wanting to try Mayorga.

  3. on the NC side, definitely the Padron regular series or the Oliva serie O

    on the Cuban side, the JLP line

  4. I have to say Oliva series G cameroon Churchills… about 4 bucks a stick, and around medium body. I think they are a great anytime smoke.

  5. I’ll echo the Flor de Oliva recommendation. The Maduro in Toro & Robusto are an excellent value for a great tasting cigar.

  6. I agree with Sancho Panza, but currently prefer the Extra-Fuerte to the Double Maduro. But both are incredible values. Second choice is Oliva Serie G.

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