YQMA Episode 33 – Status

Your Questions, My Answers2 Comments on YQMA Episode 33 – Status

YQMA Episode 33 – Status

Last week Jerry, Brian, and I sat down and recorded Episode 33 of Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA). Due to some technical difficulties with the files they were not completely available until Sunday morning. With Mothers Day on Sunday I was unable to edit the footage at all and will be forced to post it late.

My apologies for the delay, I am hoping to edit the show in between my review this week, which will be the Pacific Cigar Company Robusto, and hope to have it up by Sunday at the latest.


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2 thoughts on “YQMA Episode 33 – Status

  1. Walt –
    No apologies needed. Waiting is the easy part. Composing, editing and release is what makes this site numero uno.

    Keep up the good work (which takes time).

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