Twitter Poll: Which cigar is here to stay?

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Twitter Poll: Which cigar is here to stay?

In this edition of the Twitter Poll I asked which new cigar (from the past 6 months) is here to stay. Check out the responses and tell us what you think.

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Twitter Poll: Cigar That Will Stay

The Verdict

I think the Decade will stick around for a while, considering it’s rating. I think the Decade is Rocky’s Serie V

none in my opinion…once the RP Decade or Camacho 10th or Illusione fade, they will push something else out and hype it up. sadly i think the industry isn’t about putting the best cigar out but who can get the most new stuff to keep their names in our heads

I think Arganese lines will have some staying power. Always enjoyable and have been consistent for me. What more could you ask 4?

I don’t see Illusione going anywhere soon.

Easy poll for me…Nub

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What do you think is here to stay and be a “wow” cigar for the coming Months/Years?

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7 thoughts on “Twitter Poll: Which cigar is here to stay?

  1. I agree with Jerry as well. I also agree with Cigar Jack on the Illusione.

    Walt you should use a product called Jing for your screenshots. Much better quality that using Windows. I think Jerry uses it on his mac but there is a Windows version too.

  2. Walt I love the Twitter Poll…I need to get on there and join you guys but this is great for those not on Twitter yet.

    I really think its gonna be The Nub…

    I didn’t see your reply Walt?

  3. The decade is such a great cigar, so I hope it doesn’t go anywhere. I just wish it was less expensive so I could buy more of them.

  4. Kirk,
    I was going to add my 2 cents but Vic’s response has sparked a thought and potential new post in the coming weeks. I’m going to wait until then to chime in.


  5. ahh, have 5 illusions in my humidor!!! Hope they are here to stay!!! I like the CAO America as well. Think it will stick around.

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