Want $30.00 to spend at Fumee World?

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Want $30.00 to spend at Fumee World?

Time is running out for a chance to win a $30.00 Gift Certificate to Fumee World. Entering couldn’t be simpler, just leave a comment on the contest post telling us your three favorite everyday cigars.

Don’t forget that for the month of June, Fumee has extended a 20% discount to all Stogie Review readers. Simply enter coupon code SR2008 upon checkout to redeem your discount.

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4 thoughts on “Want $30.00 to spend at Fumee World?

  1. My favorite 3 everyday cigars would have to be tatuaje angeles in the A.M. Tatuaje noella for lunch and Ashton VSG sorcerer after dinner.

  2. I was once told at a herf, that the most difficult thing to do was to match your cigar to your mood.
    My go to cigar has to be an aged connie, I guess that a good Honduran just does it for me on almost any evening.
    After that I could go for any of the cigars that a connie might represent from the Villizon factory.
    Then I might just want a Nicaraguan such as a Mayorga or Padron.
    To me, anything with a box price above 2 to 3 bucks just isn’t an ‘everyday’ cigar. I also have several favorite ‘once-a-month’ cigars that I keep in stock, but they are for another contest!

  3. I would say that 3 of my favorite every day smokes would have to be #1 the Perdomo Habano in corojo or maduro wrappers, #2 Nording by Rocky Patel, and #3 Oliva Serie G in cameroon or maduro. There are many more that I like but these are currently the ones I am smoking more.

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