Padilla Series 68 (Guest Review)

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Padilla Series 68 (Guest Review)

Back once again from The Porch, we have Nathan smoking and reviewing the Padilla Series 68.

Once your finished with the video, head over to An American Front Porch and check out Nathan’s new Podcast.

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12 thoughts on “Padilla Series 68 (Guest Review)

  1. A thunderous review of an “under the radar” stick. These come out in both single and double band variations. To my taste, the double banded ones tend to be a bit fuller, but maybe I’m biased toward double banded cigars. These might make an interesting Lancero, but I haven’t seen that vitola in this series.

  2. Nate, as always I love your reviews. Brought to us with a smile and even some sound effects.
    Glad the Padilla went well for you. Sounds very tasty. From the look of how far into the final third you got it must have been enjoyable.
    With the humidity and thunder storms down there, are burn problems a usual occurrance or is that not usually the case?
    Thanks again, great review.

  3. Mr. B–

    Not usually. Last night I was recording our PorchCast outside and it was humid enough to soak my papers, but the cigar burned perfectly even.

    Never really have noticed any major problems with the burn, even when I was down in Birmingham for a few years. I was in Charleston in March and had some minor problems..but that was outside by the pool =)

  4. Great review. I am very curious about the Padilla cigars. They sure get nice ratings. I’ve only smoked the Padilla Achilles and it’s an awesome cigar. This one is on my MUST smoke list 🙂

  5. I absolutely love these sticks. I picked a box of the double-banded v. here in Phoenix, AZ. I haven’t had any of the burn proglems whatsoever, but that could also be because it’s so arid here in the desert. As soon as I take a stick out of the humidor, the race is on… you can dry a stick to a crisp in 24 hours tops. Anyhow, this is the first time I’ve seen your reviews, and I think you do a great job. Very engaging. As a born & bred midwest Illinois fellow, I REALLY miss the thunderclaps I was hearing in the background towards the end. 365 days of sunshine can actually get old, believe it or not.

  6. The Padilla serie 68 was a fabulous smoke really enjoayable. Unlit, it was one of the best smelling cigars I have encountered, a sweet maybe chocolaty smell – but then I haven’t had chocolate in ten years so maybe I am a little over sensitive. My Padilla burned perfectly with great ash. Nathan is spot on in describing the incredible flavor. I have never developed this identification some have for describing spices and leather and such. But the flavor had a slight sweetness, a balance – awesome. And the thing I really want from cigars -smoothness. I got busy for half an hour and it went out with about a third left. When I relit, it still was smooth with almost no bitterness. The Padilla serie 68 is definitely one of my top ten cigars. I hope you enjoy it as much a I did.

  7. Nate, I’ve been smoking the same cigar while listening to your review (which was very good by the way). I’m enjoying the cigar with a Stella Artois, only complaint is the burn issue. I live in Hawaii, maybe hummidy is an issue. Thanks for the great review.

  8. A friend and I smoked these last night (in the toro size, not robusto). They were both spicy and more than a little harsh. We both also had major construction problems. The draw was good, but the burn was terribly uneven and required us to constantly pull the torch out to correct. Overall I think we were both quite disappointed by this smoke. If you are looking for a nice corojo, I would definitely recommend you go try the RP Olde World instead.

  9. I agree, very smooth cigar, no burn problems at all with my stick. I love a strong smooth cigars. I would give this stick a 7 out of ten for strength and a 8.5 out of ten for taste. Very smooth for a Nic. cigar

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