Your Questions, My Answers Episode 34

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Your Questions, My Answers Episode 34

In this episode of Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Brian, Jerry, and I sit down and record a compressed show. This show only features two segments due to time constraints, expect us to be back to three segments for episode 35.

Segment 1:

Question 1 Courtesy of Adam via Email
Hey guys love the YQMA, keep up the good work. I have heard you guys talk about purging cigars as a way to get some of the nasty flavors out but my question is, what is the proper way to purge a cigar. I think I am doing it correctly but wanted to check with the experts! Thanks guys keep up the
great work!

Question 2 Courtesy of Joe via Email
hey how you doing i really like your reviews… im new to cigar smoking iv been smoking all don pepins lines blue,black,white and love them but it gets expencive…im smoking a rocky patel sun grown right now great cigar…also oliva series g awesome as well…

was wondering if there might be something you could suggest that you think i may like thats not too expensive say $50 a box i tried the helix maduro and i did not like it dont know of any others that are in that price range…..

thank you and keep up the good work….

joe from

Question 3 Courtesy of JCW122 via Voicemail
Is there any special technique to holding a cigar in your mouth and smoking it? Every time I try it I get alot of saliva buildup and slobber all over the cigar.

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Segment 2:

Question 4 Courtesy of Paul via Fan Forum
Most premium to ultra premium manufacturers have some box-pressed cigars in one of their lines.

I’m not a big fan of box-pressed shape due to the fact that most I’ve smoked had burn issues, not to mention the awkward feel in my hand. One benefit I’ve found is that they tend not to roll when I place one down on a flat surface.

I would like to hear other people’s preference and experience with box-pressed stogies.

Question 5 Courtesy of Patrick via Fan Forum
I’ve been smoking pretty steady for a few years now and I thought i knew what i liked in a smoke, full, strong and intense. Then my buddy hands me a smoke with a “habano” wrapper on it. I loved the taste of it. Since then I’ve tried others with habano wrappers, ie. the nub habano and gran habano habana #3 and have loved them all.

My questions are, why do they call them habano (other than marketing), and what are some other smokes I can look for with this kind of wrapper and taste. I would love it if you guys would do a Y.Q.M.A. on wrappers and what smokes are the benchmarks for each.

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12 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers Episode 34

  1. Glad to see YQMA is back! Too bad about Brian’s rant getting cut off. Maybe if Walt has Skype audio running on speakers (instead of a headset), if future video is corrupted, the audio will still be captured with his video camera. Just a thought.

    Also, thanks for the small stogie ideas, as I am looking for a good, quick smoke.

    Either way, great episode and I look forward to future YQMA shows.

  2. Wow, I apologize for the crappy sound quality. That never typically happens on Skype.

    Thanks for answering my question guys, I think it was helpful. And since I had submitted that question, I think I have gotten a bit better at holding it in my mouth, similar to how Jerry does it. I can definitely agree on the smoke up the nose thing though Brian, that is HORRIBLE when that happens.

    Great episode!

  3. It’s all right Jerry. I wear crocs too. Don’t let anyone put you down for being a womanly man. HAHA

    ~ The Bandit ~

  4. Question 2 Courtesy of Joe via Email…..You might want to try the Corojo Label from, it’s a Pepin made house blend for

  5. Wasn’t the original box pressed cigar found in well aged boxes that had a natural pressed shape from sitting for long time packed snuggly together in a box? I thought the square pressed shaped cigars are manufactures answer to that preference by some smokers.
    Also I shove most cigars about an inch into my mouth and love the taste/feel of the wrapper on the side of my toungue. I bite slobber etc. on the end too.

    SANCHO PANZA EXTRA FUERTES is a great cheap cigar (square ppressed)

    Bill (cronic)sp?

  6. Great one again guys. Though I wish I coulda heard Brian’s rant. 😀

    As for cheap smokes, I second the extra fuertes. Great smoke. He also might want to try a box of Onyx. They are a good reasonably priced maduro.

  7. Oh, and for the small smoke, I really like the Partagas Black Label Pronto. Famous even sells them by the box, not in a tin.

  8. You can get Occidental Reserve for $50 a box, depending upon the size. I’ve only had one so far but thought it was pretty good.

  9. Great as always!!… But when you guys get back… I’d love to hear Brian’s take on the smoking ban, particularly because I live in Atlanta as well.

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