IPCPR 2008 – Day 1

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IPCPR 2008 – Day 1

The first day of the actual convention has come to a close. Admittedly Brian, Jerry, and I did not manage to get a whole lot done. We got the chance to speak with a few people and get a feel for the show but thats about it.

The only real news I have for you is a new Don Pepin Garcia cigar made by his son to honor his father. I found out about it late in the show and wasn’t able to grab a sample, maybe tomorrow.

After the convention closed we headed out to the Camacho VIP party which was fantastic. The atmosphere was relaxed and laid back and the free top shelf booze and cigars just kept on coming.

Once the Camacho part ended we headed over to CAO’s bash. Lynard Skynard played a great show. The hassle getting in, combined with no cigars or free drinks for press or exhibitors, took alot away from the event.

Until tomorrow, happy smoking

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18 thoughts on “IPCPR 2008 – Day 1

  1. Thanks for the video update Walt. What little I read about/heard about last years CAO party was the bomb. Too bad is sucked this year. But hey, it sounds like Camacho will make it up to you!

    Just for S&Gs, do you try to put a value on what you get there vs the expense of the trip? How close are the numbers?

    Keep it comimg guys! I’ll be following twitter when I can to try and keep up with you.

  2. Doc,
    Had I been wearing a retailer badge the party probably would have been more enjoyable. There were alot of people and getting anything to drink took roughly 20 minutes (water included)

    I think the only way the numbers would even come close is if I were to put a value on information. Vegas is a very expensive town, so the numbers of cigars would have to be way up there to balance everything out.

    So far its been alot of fun and I’m already looking forward to next years show.


  3. These are cool updates. I look forward to hearing more about the show. We’ll have to hook up at next years event and ride off of Ed’s “Retailer” coat tails 🙂

  4. I have to disagree with Walt a bit…I feel like we did a lot of stuff. I got samples of the Mi Bario and the Cubao. Got a video tour of everything Gurkha. Got to meet and speak with J.Fuego and get samples of his 777.

  5. I gotta give props to Jerry… Not only did he proudly wear crocs, but he topped it off with a pink shirt. I salute you 😉

  6. Tony – it was just a small little lecture of how I needed to stay with the group…it was kind of funny.

    Tom – Hmm I would call it a pastel Red and not pink. On the way home I had my powder blue shirt on with my matching powder blue crocs.

  7. Jerry,
    Lecture, it surely didn’t come from me. All I said was I couldn’t find you and I thought we were sticking together? All of a sudden you were gone and we couldn’t find you.

    You knew you were designated sherpa right?


  8. Funny stuff…Jerry and his matching crocs! Thanks for all the Twitter pics it was pretty cool of you to keep us in mind…and yes Jerry, I thought you were taller too the first time we met. LOL

  9. Man, Jaime does such a great job with the DPG Black I can’t wait to hear about his new creation. Please, please … a review must be in the offing!

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