IPCPR 2008 – Day 4

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IPCPR 2008 – Day 4

This video wraps up the IPCPR 2008 convention in Las Vegas.

Day 4 was fairly uneventful as most manufacturers were swamped with paperwork as the show came to a close. I had a good time and look forward to next years show. By then I promise to have the sound issue worked out.

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5 thoughts on “IPCPR 2008 – Day 4

  1. Man I know that its bad form to go around outting the jerk manufacturers…but… I’d love to know who all gave you the cold shoulder. I never want to give my business to jerks that don’t want to take a couple minutes and chit chat with those who really make a difference. Sure they will sell their stogies to retailers, but if sites like SR aren’t praising that brand… I’m guessing sales won’t be nearly as high.

    Anyway… Great to have you guys feeding the info to those of us not fortunate enough to be there. I appreciate the work and the effort to keep us up to speed! Fantastic work as always!


    Happy B-Day Walt!!!….Sweet shirt!!

  2. Walt,

    LOL, I remember that guy- “I already talked to you.” Man was that unfriendly and awkward. The sad thing is I really did want to find out about La Caya. I keep seeing their ads, but I’ve never read ANYTHING about their cigars. I guess I never will. (Oops… Did I just name names? LOL)

  3. Doc Stogie Fresh outted Rocky Patel as the worst as far as public relations on his latest pod cast. To me, any manufacturer who acts that way must feel that business (getting their porduct onto as many retailer shelves as possible) is more important than informing the people who will, or will not, be the ones buying from said retailers. Seems like a short term gain and long term loss.

    Bad choice Rocky.

    Hello Los Blancos!

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