Accessory Review: Xikar Axia Lighter

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Accessory Review: Xikar Axia Lighter

Back in July, Brian, Jerry, and I were fortunate enough to receive Press Passes to the IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas. While there, we got to speak with a number of people about a number of new products. One of those people included Andy from Xikar.

Andy and I spoke a little bit about the Defiance review I did a little while back and he asked if I would be interested in doing some product reviews as well. A couple of months after IPCPR passed and things settled down for everyone, I got in touch with Andy about those product reviews we talked about. Shortly after our email exchange I received a package containing a Xikar Trezo Triple Flame Lighter as well as an Axia Double Flame Lighter.

Xikar Axia Lighter - 1

Just like the review of the Trezo Lighter, the objective was to use the Axia as my primary source of flame for thirty days. Unlike the Trezo review, this one had to be put on the back burner. After the thirty day period was over I continued to use the lighter but stopped tracking my lights and refills.

After using the Trezo Lighter for a months time, I was looking forward to seeing what the Axia had to offer. While the Trezo opened my eyes to multi-jet lighters, I still wasn’t sold on the concept. They light cigars faster and get hotter but I can’t stop thinking that this lighter is twice as likely to clog as my single flame.

Due to the Axia not having a carrying case, once again I dropped the lighter into the case for my Colibri Boss and began carrying it with me to use as my primary lighter. In the hand the lighter is very comfortable. The tapered design fits the hand well while the action on the ignition is smooth.

Atop the lighter is a manual cover which must be flipped open to expose the jets. The purpose of this cover is to keep unwanted lint and dirt from inside your pocket, out of your lighter. Opening the cover exposes two jets which do not appear to be angled toward one another. The result is a twin flame that does not meet at a point. This does not appear to have any ill effects on lighting but reduces its pinpoint accuracy, at least in my mind.

Xikar Axia Lighter - 2

On the rear of the lighter is a small fuel tank window. By tipping the lighter from side to side, you can easily see the full level and determine if it needs filling prior to leaving home. Jut like the Trezo, the Axia has a large fuel adjustment wheel located at the bottom of the lighter. Without the aid of a small screwdriver, the flame can be adjusted up and down with ease.

After a period of thirty days, I managed to light a total of forty-three cigars. For forty-one of those cigars, the lighter fired right up and worked well. Only on two occasions did the lighter sputter and hesitate to light. A quick shot of compressed air seemed to remedy this problem. On average, this lighter had to be refilled after lighting only five cigars.

After the thirty day period was complete, I continued to use my lighter. This was the time when my likes and dislikes really became clear.

The tapered shape of the case made this lighter feel very comfortable in my hand. Being a smaller lighter overall, I was surprised by the weight and how solid it felt. The ignition switch has a smooth action and is easy to reach and operate.

Oversized Fuel Adjustment:
I’m still not sure who unveiled this design in lighters but it is a fantastic feature to have. The flame height can quickly and easily be adjusted. This feature become especially handy when the fuel tank gets low. The reduced pressure inside requires a higher flame adjustment, with the oversizes adjustment you are done in no time.

Even when low on fuel, this lighter ignited without hesitation on most occasions. When there was a problem with ignition, a quick shot of compressed air solved the problem. This leads me to believe that my issue was caused by a little bit of dirt in the jet rather than a mechanical flaw of some sort.

Xikar Axia Lighter - 3

Carrying Case:
While it may not be an issue for some, I don’t like that this lighter does not have a proper carrying case. Xikar offers a free leather sheath when the product is registered but it is clear that it is designed to be a one size fits all unit. The lighter sticks out of the top of the case and in my opinion defeats the purpose of even having a case in the first place.

Just like the Trezo Lighter, if it is allowed to burn too long, the case becomes hot. The result of a long toast is a very warm metal lighter. On one occasion I lit three cigars with this lighter, afterwords the case became so hot that I had to place it on a table to cool. If this happens and you are not expecting it, it can be alarming.

Being a lighter with a fairly small form factor, I can live with it requiring frequent filling. Due to my habit of lighting cigars without puffing on them, I use up alot of fuel. This becomes an annoyance when out with the guys. If someone needs to borrow my lighter we aren’t going to get through the night before needing a refill.

Xikar Axia Lighter - 4

Overall I think that this is a nice lighter to have. Every tool has a specific purpose and this one does not fit the bill when frequent lights are required in one sitting. I think that the design is perfect for those occasions when you are out with a purpose and dressed to impress. The lighter has a classy look to it and is small enough to comfortably fit into a pocket.

If you are the type of person that smokes a couple of cigars per month and are looking for something more appealing that an industrial torch, the Axia is something you should definitely look into. If you smoke a cigar per day, or more when out with friends, you may want to consider something with a substantially larger fuel tank to meet your demands.

Just like the Xikar MTX Multi-Tool and Trezo Lighter, this product comes with a hassle free, lifetime warranty from Xikar. If you decide to pick one up and ever have a problem with it, do not hesitate to contact Xikar to make it right.

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4 thoughts on “Accessory Review: Xikar Axia Lighter

  1. Walt,

    Good article and I have a lighter question. I’ve heard some cigar shop owners claim that butane soft flame lighters are not as desirable as jet flame due to some people claiming they can taste the butane. I thought butane was odorless for the most part? I ask, because Xikar has a flint lighter and soft flames when usable are very similar to matches with regards to the ability to light up a cigar, i.e. wider flame area, no serious worries about overheating the cigar etc.

    What are your thoughts on this?


  2. Dave,
    I don’t know about being able to taste the butane of a soft flame lighter, but I suppose it is possible. The same fuel that is used in a torch is used in those throw away style lighters, although probably not nearly as refined.

    I think Xikars soft flame is intended for a pipe, but I wouldn’t see any issues with lighting cigars with it. I think it should certainly give you a cooler flame and may help those that have a tendency to over-torch their cigars when toasting.

    My worry would be going the soft flame zippo route. I think that the naptha like fluid in the lighter will put off a pungent odor that would most definitely stick to your cigar.

  3. Nice review Walt,How much does that lighter cost? I use a Firebird Satellite Lighter that I got from JR for free when I bought some cigars from them and I abuse the hell out of it ,so far I believe that it’s about five years old and I still get a good light out of it.

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