Series JJ, IPCPR & My Little Robusto

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Series JJ, IPCPR & My Little Robusto

This week is a special week…my little robusto would’ve been one year old this week so I smoke a cigar that bears his initials, listen to a song my another JJ (Jack Johnson) and just remember better, happier times. Long ashes:


31 thoughts on “Series JJ, IPCPR & My Little Robusto

  1. Thanks for the review, IPCPR summary, and keepin it real with the conversation & tribute to JJ.

    One of the best aspects of your reviews is the realness of whatever is on your mind at the time.

  2. Great review. It takes alot of strength of character to share this with us. Thats probably why I never miss one of your reviews. You don’t hold anything back and it really adds to your reviews.. One a slightly cheerier note, if Drew Estate doesn’t like your reviews tell ’em to make better smokes, or blow it out their a$$e$,

  3. Jerry..You have an incredible inner strength..Having also lost a son..I know how incrediblly difficult it is to talk about it…May God bless you…and give you peace..
    There is a quote that my wife and I had inscribed on our sons headstone..”Brief in our arms..forever in our hearts”

  4. Jerry,

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy every single one of your reviews. Of course the Equus one will always hold a special place in my heart, but they are all fantastic. I’m going to hold you and your wife and JJ in my prayers tomorrow.


  5. Jerry.

    My heart goes out to you and your wife and I keep you in my prayers nightly. You my friend are truely a one of a kind guy!

    God Bless


  6. Jerry,

    I dont have to say much, u already know how i feel. I love u man, ur my favorite little buddha!

    hold ur head up, im sure JJ is proud of having a great daddy

    – Dennis

  7. Jerry,

    I’m truly amazed at how you handle the loss of your son. I feel fortunate to have gotten to “know” you via Twitter. You are a great guy in addition to being a great blogger. I look forward to lighting up a cigar one day with you.


  8. Thanks for the tribute vid and review. I am very fortunate to have met you and be your twitter friend. Keep on making awesome vids, and stay strong.


  9. Well done Jerry. I can relate to everything you said in this video. Tomorrow night, I’ll pay tribute to JJ and light his 1st Birthday candle and light up a DPG JJ Maduro in his honor. God bless.

  10. Great review Jerry … and I wish you and your wife the best on the anniversary of the loss of your son. I could never imagine the loss of either of my children and you have been a great sign of strenght in hard times! As I am not a big fan of the JJ it struck me as VERY freaky to reach into my humi yesteday evening and choose to pull out a JJ Maduro to smoke .. then to log on to your site and see that it was this anniversary. Coincidence?? I think not!
    Take care Jerry! and God Bless…

  11. I agree it takes incredible strength and character to share your feelings with us and I think JJ would be proud. Be easy Jerry and may God bless.

  12. Jerry my daugther just turned two … I cried when I heard about JJ. You feel like a brother that I have yet to meet after watching you all these years. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers. If your ever in the Atlanta area I’ll be sure to get you that free drink. Keep you head up brother.

  13. Jerry,

    Rebekah and I lit JJ’s birthday candle that you sent us today. We both feel your loss. You’re an invaluable friend.

    Thanks for everything you do on SR!

    Take care buddy.

  14. Happy birthday JJ you have one heck of father!

    Jerry man, you truly are one of a kind. You’ve proven to me that sometimes a cigar is more than just a cigar.

  15. Jerry,
    It is amazing to see that you have friends all over the world, most of which you will never get to meet. You turned me on to the DPG JJ and it is now one of my favorites. I always take a moment for you and your “Little Robusto” whenever I light one up, and I am sure that there are plenty of other people that do too.
    Thank you for being so sincere in the work you do for the site.

  16. “Love is the answer
    At least for most of the questions in my heart
    Why are we here and where do we go
    And how come it’s so hard
    It’s not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving
    I’ll tell you one thing
    It’s always better when we’re together.”

    Couldn’t of said it better myself…your little robusto is proud of you Jerry!

  17. Jerry its not often that my wife watches a review with me but we sat down last night to watch your’s as she asked me what you were reviewing. Its actually funny cause Sunday night she can tell I start to get excited waiting for your reviews…anyway…

    As we watched my wife was brought to tears by your opening tribute and later how you talked about the Series JJ bringing you back to “happier times”. My wife said that she wanted to reach thru the screen and give you a hug. I bet thats what most of would like to do too.

    You joke a lot in interviews and on Twitter about being the “hood ornament” of SR with Walt & Brian being the engine but you’re much more than that Jerry. You’re the soul of this place.

  18. Jerry,

    I lift my glass to you, your son and happier times.

    If you ever get near Kentucky stop in and I’ll get you a drink, we have some
    good stuff lying around here in barrels.

  19. Jerry,
    I just lit up a JJ Maduro and a candle in tribute to the Lil Robusto. I encourage everyone else who has a chance to do so to do so also. On my calendar, 7/22 will forever be Smoke a JJ for JJ Day.

  20. Hi Jerry,

    You already know how much I admire you as a person in the brief time that I’ve known you through this site and e-mailing. God bless you and your family. I know as JJ looks down seeing how proud his dad is of him, one of those stars in the sky is a smile coming from him. HAPPY BIRHTDAY JJ! I will pick up a few DPG JJ’s in tribute to you, your family, and of course for JJ.

    In prayer always from your pinoy brother.


  21. Jerry,

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    In tribute to you and your son I’m smoking a Don Pepin JJ Maduro as I write this.

  22. Thanks for the great vid Jerry. I agree with Brian and I will mark 7/22 as JJ day on my calendar. You have a big heart to do a great tribute like this.

  23. Jerry,

    As a father of a 2yr old and 4 yr old, I can’t imagine the anguish you and your wife must have endured.

    Your strength and fortitude are truly remarkable and quite inspiring.

    God bless your son and God bless your family. I hugged my boys a little longer last night as I put them to bed.

    I wish you peace and all the good things you deserve.

  24. I love your reviews Jerry . I feel for you and the wife, no parent should have to go through this . God bless and take care . AL

  25. Jerry,

    My little Moose turned 1 this week and I envy the strength you’ve shown this past year. I will hold Moose a little longer tonight and say a prayer for JJ, you, and your family. It’s great to see you back and better than ever.


  26. God Bless you, your son, and your family. I will pray that as time goes on, your hurt becomes less and less.

    I wish you well.

  27. hi jerry i mailed you a few tomes but you never got back to me lol. anyway i allways watch your viedos i dont think or hope i ever missed a viedo im a cigar nutt really a cigar freak i have every cigar you can think of from the rarest to the most common and every cuban size collor name what ever you can think of lol…anyway i just had to do a reply i allways see you son on the viedos and i just want to tell you i dont wana ask about cigars or anything i just wana tell you how trully sorry i am about your son hes so cute and my heart really really hurts to hear that but i smile when i see his pics so i just wana say i cryied a lil lol…anyway hang in there buddy best wishes and god bless you and your fam if you mail me back i will send you some cigars to review like edmundo dantes el conde 109 mexico cuban cigar and some other rare cigars so please contact me back id love to talk shit with you man take care buddy best wishes

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