Opus X Forbidden X in a Bottle – Forbidden Johnny

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Opus X Forbidden X in a Bottle – Forbidden Johnny

Fuente Fuente Opus X - Forbidden X in a BottleOn day two of the IPCPR convention in Las Vegas, Brian and I were checking out the last of the booths we had yet to see. We made our way over to the Cigar Family booth and were eager to check out what the Fuentes had on display. After passing Carlos and Carlito Fuente, we found ourselves in the middle of the booth and eying up the Cigar in the Bottle display.

From behind the booth a man emerged and introduced himself as Forbidden Johnny. Brian and I went on to introduce ourselves and talk a little about what we do here on Stogie Review. We exchanged business cards and Johnny asked if we would like him to remove the glass case over his display to take a better photo.

After taking a few photos, the glass case was replaced and we were asked if we would like to try a sample. After a few samples we got to talking a bit more about Cigar in a Bottle and where the name Forbidden Johnny came from.

Johnny began telling us a story of when he first met Carlos Fuente in the Dominican Republic. He was there on business and wanted Carlos to sample his product in a blind tasting. Carlos thought it was a wonderful beverage and guessed it to be a grape brandy. Johnny corrected him and went on to say that it was a Calvados made from a variety of apples in Normandy.

From what I understand, at this point in time the Forbidden X was being produced and an immediate connection was made between the Forbidden X Cigar and the Forbidden Fruit (the apple). The two products were brought together and Carlos went on to knight Johnny with a Fuente Fuente Forbidden X cigar and declared him to be Forbidden Johnny.

After another sample or two, Johnny went on to tell us that he was working on extending the distribution of his Forbidden X in a bottle and make it available in more high end restaurants accross the country. If you are eager to give it a try yourself it is available at Casa Fuente for a hefty price of $60.00 per shot (Last shot in the bottle gets the Cigar as well) or an entire bottle can be purchased for around $600.00

Before leaving the booth Forbidden Johnny showed us the upcoming Cigar in a Bottle. The newest creation is planned to be a Single Malt Scotch. While I’m sure this one will also be well out of my price range, I look forward to meeting Forbidden Johnny once again next year for the IPCPR 2009 convention.

While this is something that is well beyond my price range, it was a sheer pleasure to learn about it from the creator. Johnny had a certain passion about his product that made you want him to do well with it. I can only hope that the right people read this article and decide to bring it into their elite restaurant.

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Johnny was kind enough to give us a couple more minutes of his time
to record a quick video. Check it out below.

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10 thoughts on “Opus X Forbidden X in a Bottle – Forbidden Johnny

  1. Doc,
    It comes out of the bottom of the bottle. I remember there being a cork that holds the cigar in place.

    The cigar and liquid are separated by glass.


  2. Good luck, it’s been sold out for a year… I bought my Hubby one last year, it’s his pride & joy. I was hoping they’d make another one for 2008 🙁

  3. I’ve still got one of these untouched I had originally bought 3… The last one I’ve saved it just looks neat I think

    1. I kinda wish I had picked one of these up back in the day. But I did get to sample the calvados (I think that was what it was) once at the trade show and once at a cigar shop somewhere. It was alright. I would have done what you’re doing, keep it for display value.

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