YQMA #35 – Off Topic Discussions

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YQMA #35 – Off Topic Discussions

Here we go…the last 24:47 of Episode 35 brings us to the Off Topic part of YQMA.

In the Off Topic Discussion we talk about our Top 3 Cigars We’ve Smoked This Year and we discuss the one cigar accessory that we can’t smoke without when smoking those Top 3 Cigars.

Finally we close out Episode 35 by chatting about our feelings towards cigar manufacturers who link back to reviews on blogs and our own Brian Hewitt pokes a little fun at Rocky Patel to end Episode 35 on a very hilarious note!

While the Off Topic part of Episode 35 wasn’t officially sponsored I wanted to throw some link love out to Duque Cigars just because, we’re nice like that.

Much respect to Walt and Brian for getting up early on a Saturday to accommodate my schedule.

If you liked Episode 35 and want there to be future episodes? Make it a point to use our Contact Form to submit a question or discussion topic.

Long ashes everyone!

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9 thoughts on “YQMA #35 – Off Topic Discussions

  1. While it might be true that any publicity is good publicity, I’d just about bet you don’t get a link back from Drew Estates on any of the reviews Jerry has done, or any he’s dry heaved in the middle of! LOL
    Walt, how’s it feel to be thrown under the bus on that “alcoholic” title you now own? j/k
    Brian, no signature thumbs up? What’s McLovin going to use as a backdrop for his next review??
    And, lastly, who ever did the editing on this show did one hell of a job. It looks like they stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making sure it was as perfect as it could be! (Did I say that right Jerry?)

  2. I was suprised when I ran across our not so glowing Camacho review on their website. I was forced to contact them and give props for their honesty and open minded approach to all cigar reviews, good and bad.

    I had a good response from Camacho, and they clearly embrace the small people like us, and our opinions.

  3. Brian, when you guys were talking about accessories that you could not live without you showed a welding tool that you used to light with that really looked interesting… what the heck was that thing and where can I try one out?

  4. Really great production guys! Everything came out really well and was enjoyable to watch. Nice little title tags lol!

    Jerry – maybe its time to add a custom logo to your Viddler videos instead of the default Viddler logo? Is there a reason you use Viddler over blip.tv for embedding? I see you still use blip.tv for other purposes. Personally I like Viddler better.

    The opening music was really awesome! Thanks for including it in the credits. I see New Found Glory has 2 albums worth of covers on iTunes.

  5. After watching this segment I placed and order over at Silo Cigars

    1 x Kristoff Maduro Torpedo Single Cigar $6.50
    1 x Devil’s Weed 515 (Corona) Single Cigar $4.24
    1 x J. Fuego Delirium Lancero Single Cigar $6.50
    1 x J. Fuego Delirium Belicoso Single Cigar $7.50
    1 x Defiance The Sentry Lancero Single Cigar $6.75
    1 x Cubao No. 3 Lancero Single Cigar $6.10
    1 x Cubao No. 2 Torpedo Single Cigar $7.10
    1 x Defiance The Instigator Belicoso Single Cigar

  6. Great off-topic video. That’s what’s great about you guys not using a numbering system for your reviews. A reviewer may not be fond of the cigar they smoked but someone may go out and try it based on your descriptions. However, they may not if it was given a low number by the reviewer that doesn’t prefer that profile.

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