Contest for the month of September 2008

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Contest for the month of September 2008

Before I get to telling you about the contest and how to enter, I would like to tell you a little about the person that provided this months contest prize. His name is Tom from Duque Cigar Company in Florida. You may recognize the name as one of or newer sponsors.

The thing that stood out about Tom and his company was his email to me about sponsorship. Unlike some of our other sponsors, who have all been great, Tom wanted to make me aware of him and his shop before I made the decision to take them on for sponsorship. From the beginning he has come off as a very humble individual and I thought I would share a little bit about our Prize provider this month.

Let me Take a Quick min to introduce my self so that you may know What we are about at Duque Cigar Company. My name is Thomas Hunter (Tom) to anyone that knows me. Me and my Wife started Duque Cigar Company out of my pure Love For Cigars. As A child Growing up in GA my father and grand father always had a shirt pocket full of cigars. To make a long story short, my love and passion for cigars runs very deeply. After years of dragging my wife to every cigar shop, trade show, and convention I could find, she convinced me to open up my own. We have but are very new to the whole internet thing as our Melbourne Beach shop is a very small up scale place (Only about 600 SQ feet at the Shop And another 1000 Sq feet humidor at the house). Our shop was always meant to be classy but with the downfall in the economy we have launched in hope’s that our one on one service and love for the artistry will shine through .

I felt it important to inform you on what kind of company you would be placing on your site and dealing with on a regular basis .

So after you enter the contest, take a moment to check out what Tom and Duque Cigar Company has to offer.

For some time now we have been using the tag line “All Reviews All The Time” which, if I remember correctly, came to be from a comment that Bob made from Dog Watch Cigar Radio made during one of appearances on the show. Up until the last few months, this tag line has suited us just fine. With our ongoing efforts to provide more Feature Articles and Videos, we felt it was about time we updated our tag line. And what better way to create a new one that to have our loyal viewers come up with one for us.

To enter the contest simply comment on this post with a new suggested tag line. Brian, Jerry, and I will select the one that we feel best suites Stogie Review. The winner will receive a box of Rocky Patel Nording cigars, in a Robusto Size, courtesy of our friends at Duque Cigar Company.

Contest for the month of September - Prize

In addition to the contest, Duque Cigars has offered the readers of Stogie Review an exclusive discount code to save you some cash when placing an order. Feel free to use coupon code sr2008 to save 5% off of your purchase.

Please note, Duque Cigar Company runs a program called Duque Cigars Hero’s Discount. To use this program you will need to email Duque to claim your coupon code. When a purchase is made with this discount code, cigars are shipped over seas to our troops. We ask that if you are a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, or a member of the Armed Forces, please DO NOT use the Stogie Review discount code. Instead request the Hero’s code from Duque so that additional cigars are sent to the troops.

The rules for the contest are simple. First and foremost, you must be old enough to purchase cigars (18) in order to enter. We are allowing one entry per person, per day. Please feel free to enter every day for the remainder of the month.

Contest ends on September 30th, 2008
Help shape the image of Stogie Review and get your entries in

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268 thoughts on “Contest for the month of September 2008

  1. STOGIE REVIEW – Coalescing the vapors of human existence into a viable and meaningful comprehension.

    (with apologies to Mel Brooks)

  2. A good slogan works to do one or all of three things:

    1) Describe the product or service represented by the brand
    2) Position the brand vis-à-vis the competition
    3) Define the relationship one has with the brand.

    Since the words “stogie” (cigar) and “review” are already present in the name, there is no need further clarification of what Stogie review does in the slogan – only a need to expand people’s awareness that Stogie Review represents i.e. – more than just reviews (which,of course, is the reason that you are seeking a new slogan).

    With this in mind may I suggest:

    Everything smoking!

    – Works on a number of levels. First, it informs visitors that more than just reviews will be found on the site. Second, it captures the certain coolness or sizzle that is exhibited by Stogie Review. Third, it defines why (the relationship) cigar lovers should come more often to Stogie Review. Finally, it’s just a lot of fun to say, especially if you say it like Jim Carry in The Mask.

    Thanks for the great site guys. Hope this helps.

  3. Three guys and some others guys reviewing cigars and doing some other stuff.

    It’s early. I’ll come up with something better. Heh. <-Not an entry. LOL

  4. The Stogie review: We keep your hard earned money in your ashtrey instead of the bushes ….

  5. The Stogie Review: If its a stogie, we will review it… Even if it makes us vomit in out mouths a little bit

    hahaha Jery, that was a great review a while back on the Equus stick!

  6. I know that you guys could never use this tag line, but if you did you would get tons of “street-cred”


    My 2nd choice would be Jerry’s “long ashes”….duh!

  7. I have a couple to suggest:

    1) Stogie Review: Clearing the Smoke
    2) Stogie Review: For the Love of Cigars
    3) Stogie Review: Where Love, Laughs and Information Collide.
    4) Stogie Review: Laid-Back, Unbiased, and Friendly.

    That’s all I’ve got. I think that technically qualifies as four entries, so I won’t enter again for four more days. That is probably against the rules- oh well.

  8. We do cigars.

    No that’s no good. That just sounds horrible.

    For the unrefined smoker.

    That’s better.

  9. CR: The Ace and Clint whore-a-thon.

    tee-hee-hee. crap, I suppose that’s my entry for the day. :p

  10. – “Everything Cigar Related – Reviews, Features and The Pursuit For The Enjoyment of The Goodlife”

  11. Stogie Review:
    1/3 A written review
    2/3 A spicy video review
    3/3 A great Fan Forum

    Final Thoughts: A great site with a wealth of Knowledge
    Liked it: Yes
    Recommend it: to everyone I know

  12. stogie review: by cigar enthusiasts for cigar enthusiasts

    stogie review: the cigar enthusiast’s best friend

  13. Herfing into the 21st century.

    Light ’em up!

    Taste the good life… on any budget.

    We’ll smoke the dog rockets so you don’t have to.

    Saving you from dog rockets since 2006.

  14. Stogie Review: Your One Stop Online Source for Cigar Lovers
    Stogie Review: Bringing you yesterdays passion with today’s technology

  15. “…the taste for tobacco is a matter of superstition.
    There are no standards” –Mark Twain, ‘Concerning Tobacco’

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