YQMA #36 – Segment Two

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YQMA #36 – Segment Two

Its the all voice mail segment. Segment Two runs 22:43 and we decide to take a break from reading and take our chances at answering some of the voice mail that we had laying around.

In our first voice mail, Matt inquires on the status of our tobacco pipes and if we will ever see any tobacco pipe related reviews on the front page.

The next two voice mails come by way of JB from our Fan Forums and JB wants to know if we’ve ever had a cigar that didn’t go well or was overpowered by coffee and another voice mail on how contagious is mold?

We close out Segment 2 with some small talk about our cigar of the episode and our smoking habits when recording YQMA.

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3 thoughts on “YQMA #36 – Segment Two

  1. Great episode guys. As for the cigar you smoked… It turns out it is being discontinued, hence the clear out prices. I believe it will be avail from someone other than Cuban Imports, hopefully soon.

  2. great yqma.
    I actually haven’t been visiting stogie review because I haven’t been smoking cigars nearly as much as I used to. I have been smoking my tobacco pipes and figuring it all out for myself and found the hobby(addiction) really interesting. I own 4 pipes now that I rotate through and enjoy them almost everyday. One great aspect of pipe smoking is the cost. I havent smoked a lot of cigars because the wallet has been running dry and pipe tobacco is relatively cheap.If someone was to look for tobacco reviews, look no further than tobaccoreviews.com a pretty good sources to get someone started on the hundreds of different blends out there. Also, there are several youtube people posting videos on tips, tricks, and etiquette of pipes.

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