YQMA #36 – Discussion Topics

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YQMA #36 – Discussion Topics

Its everyone’s favorite time, discussion topic time! Sorry for the delay in getting this final segment up. Had to resolve some hard drive issues and moving my iTunes library to another drive.

Walt and I discuss what qualities we’d look for in a unknown priced cigar box, we also talk about our current magazine subscriptions. Our last two topics had to do with Gurkha’s appearance on Fox News as well as what we do with our cigar bands.

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10 thoughts on “YQMA #36 – Discussion Topics

  1. GREAT episode guys!

    Most shops I’ve been to around here mark their cigars. Ed clearly marks the box and many times each single. If he doesn’t, he’s asked me on many occasions “How much is that cigar?” It does’t bother me, but then again, it’s Ed, so I don’t mind.

    Jerry – Ed was just F’in with you that day 🙂 You could have said something obscene and he would appreciate your retort. I’ll point him to YQMA36, he’ll appreciate the ‘old guy with the gun’ comment, and approve of your efforts to nub the Por Larranaga 😉

  2. Yeah I agree with you both on Gurkha. I really didn’t like that video because of that rep. He sounded more like a politician that a respectable member of the cigar community. He dodged questions and just tried to promote the company. Giving the reporter a cigar at the end was SO cheesy too.

    I haven’t tried Gurkha cigars before because of their ridiculously large and confusing selection (it’s kind of obnoxious) and that video makes me want to try them even less.

  3. here are some ideas for your bands and empty cigars boxes…i’ve been too lazy to do either one of them so maybe one of the viewers will beat me to it and then post pics.

    Cigar Bands – Buy a clear glass lamp base and fill the base up with cigar bands, throw on the light fixture and viola!! A cigar themed lamp

    Empty Cigar Boxes – Decide the height of a floor lamp that would fit your needs, glue the boxes ontop of each and then buy a lamp fixture kit, and there you go…a cigar themed floor lamp.

  4. I have to say…you guys have been so good (to me!) by creating not only the video reviews but great episodes of YQMA such as this, it saves me from watching the crap they air on TV here in the land of the rising sun.

    I’ve only had 2 or 3 Gurkhas and I have to say they weren’t worth the $10+ price you pay for them. Whenever I see videos of their reps and what not they come off as very arrogant, bragging about their cigars being the best of the best. Obviously there is no room for other opinions in their eyes…..?? Oh well.

    Cigar magazines are good for a few reasons…I can read them on my morning train commutes, in the restroom (X_X), and any other place a computer would be too inconvenient. Aside from that I agree with Jerry, most of the cigar information/media I get is online, and usually is much more in depth anyways.


  5. Re cigar bands:
    Every time I try a new (to me) cigar, I keep the band. I glue them onto a plain sheet of paper, neatly arranged in two columns (yeah, I know that’s borderline anal, but it’s MY collection). Then I enter the name, page, column and row into a spreadsheet that serves as my index. As I fill up each sheet, I scan the sheet into my computer at a very high resolution and put the sheet itself in a 3-ring binder. I’m fairly new to this, so I only have 130 different labels on 9 pages so far. However, the binder makes an attractive coffee table decoration, and it’s nice being able to blow the computerized images up on-screen to admire them in detail. They make a nice rotating screen saver.

  6. I kind of like the idea of keeping a notepad and writing down the prices because in a small shop the owner is likely to knock a few bucks off the total or give you something free. With a barcode system the prices are automatic, and logged into the register which makes it hard to get a discount.

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