Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) – Episode 38

Your Questions, My Answers2 Comments on Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) – Episode 38

Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) – Episode 38

Well its that time again, are you about ready for another installment of Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA)? Unfortunately, Jerry was unable to join Brian and I this week so we had to do our best without him. I’m told that the next record date is free and clear with Jerry so we should be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

In Episode 38, Brian and I discussed five questions and covered a few discussion topics. The highlight of the show probably came during Brian’s rant on cigar shop owners knowingly selling a product that could potentially destroy an enthusiasts collection.

Take a look at the full questions below and view each segment at your leisure.

Segment 1
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Question 1 from of Omnihouse via the Fan Forum:
I notice that many, not all, but many, of the smokes I light up put off two different colors of smoke. The resting smoke coming off the foot is a cool blue, but the smoke I pull through the head is a colorless gray. Does anyone know the reason for this? It’s not a problem, just something I always wondered about.

For more information, check out A Moment of Science

Question 2 from Branfrog via Fan Forums
In the case of wine there are definite good years and not-so-good years, which are dependant on many factors: weather, crop health, fermentation etc. As cigars share many of these production factors, I would assume the flavors/body of the cigar might vary slightly between releases.

In my limited experience, it doesn’t seem that cigars are as diligently assigned a vintage as wine. Perhaps master blenders are ‘that good’ and are able to achieve a consistent flavor between one year to the next? As tobacco are sometimes aged for years, I also imagine master blenders are not bound to a single year’s crops…but this is just speculation on my part.

The cigar in particular that prompted this question is the Famous Nicaraguan 3000. In Walt’s 2006 review comments it was rumored to be an unmarketable blend from a large manufacturer and perhaps a one-time item. Since then, its been sold out and restocked several times, most recently re-introduced this month (September 2008)!

Assuming a particular cigar is not re-blended by a different manufacturer, have you seen major differences between production runs of cigars?

More specifically, how safe is the assumption that the latest installment of Nic 3000’s are just as good as the first release, while also considering this is not a big brand name, rather a house blend…

Thanks in advance!

Question 3 from Ratters via Fan Forum
How do you guys cut your cigars? I was at a shop where they do the cutting and the lopped off a hunk almost all the cap and was a bit shocked. I pretty much just put the end of the cap in the Palio, close it on the cap and spin and then peel off the cap without cutting into the filler. Except for torpedo/pyramid/belicosos where you have to cut the end off.

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Segment 2
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Question 4 from Joe via Contact Form
hey guys….
a quick newbe question. my humidor seems to do a good job at staying in
the 70% to 77% humidity range.a box of cigars will last me a month or two.

my question is when storing my cigars in the humidor cello of or on?

thank you

Question 5 from Alex via Contact Form
Hi Guys,

I really enjoy your YQMA episodes. I have a question about my
thermoelectric wine cooler turned into humidor and I hope you can answer it
in the next YQMA episode. I have an Avanti 28 bottle and I get allot of
water condensation dripping from the fan and covering the bottom surface.
Once it got into the cigar boxes and ruined 10 cigars. Do you have any
recommendation for stopping the condensation. I use 65% humidity beads.

Keep up the good job.

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Segment 3
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Discussion Topics Include:

  • Thoughts on Re-Packaging and Re-Blending
  • What is your cigar tri-fecta?
  • Cigar shops selling beetle damaged product

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If you would like to have your question featured on the show, send it on in! We can be reached through the Stogie Review Fan Forums, our Contact Form, Skype, or Voicemail.

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2 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) – Episode 38

  1. Great episode as always. I think I may have to pick up some of those scissors.

    As for my trifecta, I think I’d have to stick with being the Camacho whore that I am. Start the day with a 11/18 Corojo, then a Diploma Maduro, and finish the day with a 11/18 Triple Maduro. 😀

    But I agree with Brian, the event is sometimes more pleasurable than the cigars. Though I smoke by myself pretty much every day we have a good group of smoking buddies here that get together once or twice a month and it’s always a great time no matter what we’re smoking.

  2. Finally got around to watching this episode. Once Walt did the video of how to use scissors, I ran out and got one. I use it constantly now. It took a little time to master it, but I can’t imagine being without it now.

    As I always say… Great episode guys. We appreciate the hard work put in to these.

    C’mon people, show come comment love!

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