El Titan de Bronze Redemption (Condensed Review)

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El Titan de Bronze Redemption (Condensed Review)

Due to the feedback I received both on the Fan Forums and and on the Xikar Defiance Condensed Review, I’ve decided to give these short reviews a shot. Most of the particulars are still up in the air and need to be addressed, but the concept has been worked out.

This time I smoke the El Titan de Bronze Redemption Lancero as I relax out in my yard. All in all, the cigar did not disappoint. Check out the video below for what I had to say about this boutique cigar.

After finishing the video, help me select a name for these short revisits. So far I have a handful of great suggestions from JB in our Fan Forum. Check out the poll and be sure to drop a comment with any other suggestions you may have.

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For a full review the El Titan de Bronze Redemption, check out my previous review.

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Please Note:
These short videos are an addition to the site and in no way a replacement for my current full length reviews.

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6 thoughts on “El Titan de Bronze Redemption (Condensed Review)

  1. Great job as always Walt..As long as these are in addition to your regular reviews, I am all for it..The more content the better…

  2. Also voted for SR Quickie — these shorter video segments are a great idea and I think it will work just fine.

  3. Willy is a great guy. I asked him if he had any shops in Michigan because I wanted to try his cigars and he didn’t so he sent me a sampler. I really enjoyed the one cigar I have had so far and it happened to be the same cigar reviewed here.

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