Ciefuegos by Reyes Family (Guest Review)

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Ciefuegos by Reyes Family (Guest Review)

Our good friends Tom and Ed are at it again. This time around they smoke the Ciefuegos by Reyes Family. Check out what they had to say about the cigar in the following video review.

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28 thoughts on “Ciefuegos by Reyes Family (Guest Review)

  1. Wooohoo! Awesome job Tom and Ed! Entertaining as always! Also thanks for getting to my “stickam” question about plume! I always pictured plume to be an ‘iridescent sheen’, I was surprised to see it actually looks very similar to mold or big flakes of kosher salt growing on the wrapper!

    Hey, if anyone else is able to join in on the fun during the next Tom and Ed live stickam filming please do so! This one was really fun! The off-camera antics and activity is a barrel of monkeys there at St Pete’s during the breaks!

    Its the next best thing to actually being there and setting up some lawn chairs to watch them! XD

    keep on puffin!

  2. Hey thanks for the review guys, aways a pleasure to watch them. Seems like your palate is maturing Tom! Glad to hear Ed agreeing with you! haha Seems like it was an awesome smoke!
    ANyways, keep on puffin’!
    PS: By the way, what do you guys have in store for the next review?

  3. Guys,

    First of all, any video that opens with “Take the Time” by Dream Theater is automatically going to be great. Kudos there!

    I always enjoy your videos and hearing each of you give your take on the cigar. Awesome!

  4. Branfrog – Thanks man, stop on by any time. We Stickam often on Friday evenings too. Good times I say.

    Tbritt – Slowly but surely. I think we have a review with Anthony soon (Gurkha), a joint review with Justin on Las VegAsh TV, and one of these days we are hooking up with Jerry for a joint review.

    Mike – As I always say, DT RULES!

  5. Tom,
    As I mentioned on Twitter, the more I look at those spots the more I think it is mold and not plume. They look like small colonies of mold rather than random specs of crystallized oil.

    another fine review done by yourself and Ed. You guys are always a pleasure to watch.

  6. What do you mean, no way. Most cigars with oily wrapers under the right circumstances will plume a white crystal look like mold, but it’s not mold…..Ok you got me baited. HA HA

  7. Wow. Simply wow. I got a box of the engine #5 off cbid for pretty cheap to give them a shot. Smoked one and hated it and stuck them away to see if they got better with some time. Well, about nine months later I pull one out to give it a try. Made it two inches before ditching it. Gave the box to a buddy. Funny how tastes could be so different.

    And I gotta say, I think I side with Walt on this one. 😀

    Anyway, great review as always, I love watching you guys. Keep ’em coming. 🙂

  8. I am by no means an authority on the subject, but I have always associated plume with age. I would find it hard to believe that a cigar pulled off of the shelf of Ed’s shop could display that much plume. I simply don’t think it would have enough age on it. Again Ed is much more of an authority on this subject than myself but at first glance I gotta agree with Walt on this one.

    However, I will say that once again Tom an Ed have come through with a great review and will look forward to more in the future.

  9. Great video gentlemen. I have to side with Ratters on this cigar. Not my cop of tea heh. It’s just too full for me but perhaps the cigars are not all full body power houses and some are a bit milder. I know the two I smoked overpowered my mouth and I just couldn’t taste anything!! Think I’m wired for cigars just a bit milder then these rocket tubes of tabacco 🙂 But excellent video production!!!!


  10. I have to add to the “plume” controversy. Assuming both cigars were taken from the same box/location, why did one have a great amount of [mold/plume] while the other one did not? Wouldn’t you expect to see the similar characteristics on both cigars?

  11. Steve & Dave – Strange, I’ve smoked many of these from a few different boxes with no issue. Perhaps it is very well a difference of personal preference as you mentioned. I’ve always thought they tasted exceptionally good.

    beaverc32 – Very interesting read. Our cigars did come from the same box. The boxes of the Cienfuegos are near the entrance to the shop. Obviously it opens and closes constantly, letting in the extra humid Florida air. The AC is constantly on, which removes the humidity, but I wonder if this contributed to the mineral trace/mold/plume on Ed’s cigar.

    Brian – I am no expert either. Maybe Joe (Ed’s brother) can chime in? I’d be curious to what he thinks.

  12. Ok Guy’s I’ll try to explain a little different. After speeking to some friends on the busines and together with what I have red about PLUME is basically what i said in the review, under the right conditions in your humidor you ‘ll have the essential oils of the cigar come to the outer part of wraper, this is a great sign of aging. According to all publictions i’ve red in the past on white plume , is that it is harmless and you actualy can smoke it with out wipping it off, I never do. If you find one in your humidor here is your oppertunity and time to smoke it. If you smoke one from the same box, one with plume and the other without, the one with white plume will win in taste in flavors and thats my say…Keep on puffing.

  13. As far as I’m concerned, Ed and Tom are amazing that they can smoke the Cienfuego at all hahahah. I completely agree with you Ed on the video. You said the smoke is definitely full body and you are RIGHT on. I think it’s outside of my range to enjoy as my palate is not sophisticated enough and the cigar just over powers it. I get more enjoyment out of Medium body cigars.

    As far as mold, plume, minerals or whatever, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference either way. Anything that throttles down those tobacco rockets is a good thing in my opinion 🙂

    But really excellent video. I really enjoy your reviews, music selections, pictures, commentary, banter and knowledge.


  14. Looks like Ed is sticking to his guns (literally). Walt is the man, but so is Ed. I’m so confused now…

    Dave – This is what makes choosing a good cigar so difficult. Despite Ed and I loving the Cienfuegos, apparently others think the exact opposite. I’ve smoked many of these and enjoyed them all. I always considered them an exceptional smoke, along with the Aliados (also from the Reyes Family).

    But hey, is full bodies smokes aren’t your thing, it makes sense that it isn’t for you.

  15. The Tom & Ed show kicks ass!!! Hell yeah that was plume and Ed smoked the shit out of it!!! Or maybe it was mold and Ed smoked the shit out of it anyways??? Well, if a moldy smoke still tastes good then that is saying a lot about the quality of the CienFuegos, right? Anyhoo, Tom & Ed are a great and entertaining addition to the Stogie Review…can’t wait for the next vid.

    Love the out-takes too!


  16. Hey Tony,
    Glad you like the reviews, thank you
    but if you find a cigar with plume and you don’t want to smoke it please send it to me. I will be more then glad to send you a note on how did it smoke

    anyway thanks and keep on puffin

  17. i thought it looked like mold as well since because of the spotty appearance, which looked like the few moldy cigars i have seen in person. i have only had 1 cigar with plume, and it looked like more like the cigar was dusted with a fine white powder. the biggest diffrence was when i held the plume cigar up too the light it had a shimmery glitter like apperance. which i assumed was due to the crystaline sturcture of dried oils. but im not expert and as long nas ed enjoyed the smoke it doesnt matter either way !

  18. Every time I’ve seen plume on a cigar the cigar was covered evenly with it. I would be willing to bet that the spots were mold. Just my 2 cents.

    You guys seemed a little surprised that CA only gave the Cienfuegos a 90 rating. That is actually a very high rating for them. Then you went on to give it your own rating of 7.5 out of 10, which to me doesn’t seem all that high based on how much you guys seemed to enjoy it.

  19. Clint-

    We probably didn’t explain the 1-10 rating very well (if at all). Although we don’t have an official rating system, I can see how a 7.5 may not seem that great. I percieve 10 to be the perfect cigar, which I don’t know if it even exists. 5 would be a pretty good smoke. I figured a 7.5 would make it well above average, but definately not a perfect 10. Of course, the end rating is with each persons opinion.

    I can’t speak for Ed, but personally I don’t give much merit to CA ratings, or the publication in general (I’m an avid CA basher, I admit it).

  20. I’m with you on the CA ratings Tom but I do know that when they rate something a 90 they consider it very good. I have seen cigars, which in my opinion are much better than the Cienfuegos, rated less than 90.

    It just seemed to me that you guys weren’t giving CA credit for rating this cigar high enough, but the way I see it , it appears that they liked the cigar as much if not more than you guys.

    P.S. Love you guys…keep em coming!

  21. Clint – I see your point. I just figured it should be up there in the 92 or MAYBE 93. The more I think about it, the more I’m thinking I’d have said “I give it an 8!” I’ve always enjoyed these cigars.

    I also enjoy the conversation this review stirred up. Glad to see the SR community actually pays attention to the content here! See you on the next review (hopefully with Jerry or Justin one of these days!).

  22. I just saw these in the pyramid size in the closeout deals section of CigarsInternational. 12 sticks for $39.99. Reg. price was $180. Sounds like a great deal if you like these. Too bad I can’t order from them or I would definitely give them a shot.

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