Gurkha Genghis Khan (Guest Review)

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Gurkha Genghis Khan (Guest Review)

Back once again are our very good friends Ed Nazare and Tom Adcock for another video cigar review. This time they smoke the Gurkha Genghis Khan and are joined by Anthony.

Check out what the guys had to say about this premium priced cigar.

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13 thoughts on “Gurkha Genghis Khan (Guest Review)

  1. Thanks for the review guys….

    thats one hell of a setup you got there Tom!

    Its tempting to go out and get one of these, because of your rave review, but I just can’t get over my disdain for the company. I’d be happy to have one if gifted, but $10 for a stick from a company that has yet to impress me (Packaging excluded) is beyond justification for me.
    When Gurkha makes a fantastic $5 stick, then I’ll take them off my shit list. Anyone can buy the best tobacco in the world, but if you don’t know how to blend it, it is just a waste of money.

    My personal feelings on Gurkha aside… excellent job as always! Keep the reviews coming!

  2. sounds like a good smoke, if I ever come across one I will give it a shot.

    Nice video, a little on the long side but still worked. No one seemed to talk over anyone else, worked out good this time.

    Good job Ed & Tom. Anthony, big shout out for the Celtic Frost (circle of the tyrants!!!!!!!)

  3. Tom,

    You know I have never smoked a Gurkha to this date. Looks like I have been missing out. Great review and I love the outdoor setup. Keep up the great reviews and I’ll catch up with you on Twitter.

  4. There are far too many outstanding value, great tasting cigars out there – I think the name is cool but I don’t like the prices.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the review people. If you watched the entire thing, I applaud you as well. It did run a bit long.

    Rich, CWS –
    I hear you. As I said in the review, I don’t appreciate the image Gurkha is portraying of cigar smokers. Most of us are regular working people who don’t sit around sipping wine, and making business deals on a golf course. Hence my comment that there are a lot of good $4.00 smokes out there too. All that aside, it is a damn good cigar. I wanted to disagree, but couldn’t. It just tasted good.

    Tony – The people spoke, and I listened πŸ˜‰ I rewatched the Anothony guest review and saw we spoke over him often (hence me saying at the beginning we won’t do that anymore). The vid was a bit long, probably due to me rambling about the cigar smoker image thing.

    Joel – Chillin at Ed’s was great. No worries about customers walking in, or a drunk from the bar annoying us. Definately a cigar worth trying.

  6. My father made many deals on the golf course – never smoked a Gurka though.
    I have smoked some Gurkas and I did enjoy them – it was just the price that was hard to deal with. However a good cigar is a good cigar.
    For what it is worth – thanks for doing the review. Just because I’m not a fan of the Gurka image doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your review or the effort you put into the review.
    Even more impressed that you read the comments and replied . . .

    Take care

  7. CWS-
    It’s all good. I think our opinions about the brand and price are similar in the end. Even we if flat out disagreed, I’d still enjoy the feedback.

    Keep in mind, Ed and I don’t generate the level of comment love that let’s say, Jerry does. So responding to everyone is easy on my part πŸ˜‰

    Glad you enjoyed the review though. Remember… SR RULES!

  8. While I like the Gurkha Fuerte, I find most of their smokes kinda blah. And their MSRP is crazy. Luckily you can find most of them incredibly discounted on CI or cigarbid. I think I pay a little over $2 a stick for the fuertes off cbid.

    And Ed, your wife is hot! πŸ˜€ You should have her sit in on a review.

  9. Steve and TCR –
    The price is the biggest turn off for me, but I admit, I buy one from time to time. I’ve never had a bad one. I’ll point Anthony (The Gurkha whore) to this thread. He’ll respond “Blasphemy!”

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