Win a box of Colombian Gold Perfectos

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Win a box of Colombian Gold Perfectos

With last weeks contest for a box of Colombian Gold Toro wrapping up, its about time to get week three underway. Last week I asked you to list your favorite cigar shop and tell the readers of Stogie Review a little bit about it. This week I would like to hear about your first ever cigar purchase. The prize is a ten count box of Colombian Gold Perfectos, courtesy of Bravo Cigars

This week I would like you share with us your very first cigar purchase. Did you go to a local cigar shop, order online, or something different? How was the experience overall?

One entry per person. A winner will be selected on Sunday November 23, 2008.

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39 thoughts on “Win a box of Colombian Gold Perfectos

  1. Well, I can’t remember my VERY first cigar purchase (around 10 years ago)… but I remember when I got back into cigars very heavy about 7 months ago.

    I wanted to quit smoking (cigarettes), and decided that cigars could offer a classy sophisticated crutch to help me do so. I went to a local tobacconist, and I put myself at the mercy of the clerk. I told him my budget, and said “get me started”. He explained everything I wanted to know about the sticks he had selected. The majority being Connecticuts. The way he talked about the cigars had so much passion in it, that it inspired me to really start researching the world of cigars. I took for granted, in my previous years of cigar smoking, the tremendous complexities that a cigar can hold.

    The clerk selected: Cusano 18DC, 601Black, Perdomo LTRChampagne. I also chose an LFD Cabinet Cameroon (the clerk said it was the shop owners favorite), and I also grabbed a Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur (remembering from my previous smoking days that I liked it).

    I loved everyone, except the HDM, and because of the fantastic recommendations I frequented the store for quite some time. But as my tastes grew, the only cigar that remains a favorite is the LFDCC, the rest, have fallen from grace.

  2. My very first cigar was almost 20 years ago and I don’t remember what it was, just a stick someone gave to me during a party. I’m sure the amount of alcohol in my system didn’t have anything to do with my lack of memory.
    I do remember, however, when I truly realized the pleasure of smoking premium sticks. It was about five years ago and some co-workers and I had finished a major project that was about four years in the making. The project lead smoked cigars and invited us to a local cigar shop to celebrate. I had seen the shop downtown and had wondered about it but never had been inside. It turned out to be a bit small but did have a lounge in the back.
    After some suggestions from the staff and my co-worker I ended up with an Ashton Cabinet #6. It was a bit pricey but we were celebrating so I went for it. I remember having some burn issues but I didn’t care, it was the camaraderie with my co-workers that made it a great experience.
    While I have moved on in expanding my selection of smokes (mostly in the last year), the #6 is still a special stick for me that always takes me back to that first day of my cigar journey.

  3. After I quit smoking cigarettes for a few months my brother took me to his favorite cigar store in CT to pick up a few sticks for when I was on the golf course and was having a hard time without the parliament lights 🙂

    The shop owner joined us in the walk in humidor and advised me on a few different cigars to try…I didn’t know at the time but boy this guy was on point with his recommendations! I walked out with an Illusione, a Tatuaje, Ashton VSG, and a Fonseca Cubano Limitado. Pretty nice herf for a newbie!

  4. Unfortunaly I didn’t have much help from clerks but my first cigar buying experince was a Montiecristo White, Romeo y Julieta, Aturo Fuente Curly Head, and a Punch. Only one I still enjoy is the Punch.

  5. I wanted to buy a cigar sampler for my first son’s birth.
    I did not have any clue about cigars, so I felt confident to buy online from a famous cigar shop.
    After the sampler I received I discovered a new world. I wanted to know more and more about cigars.
    The online experience left me uncomfortable, with a lot of questions.
    So I decided to adventure myself in a local cigar shop and I was fortunate enough to find a clerk who answer all my questions and gave me a couple of hints where to start.
    At today I still go there to buy, but I tell them what I want!

  6. i bought my first cigar about a year and a half ago when i picked up a couple for my friends 18th birthday. i didnt really know anything so i just grabbed a couple of RyJ bullys

  7. Well I started out at 17, smoking Swisher Sweets in shady parking lots after hours in order to avoid “being caught”.

    The day I turned 18, I went to go buy more swishers. However, the walk in humidor of my local shop caught my eye. I went in and picked up the most classy, but cheap cigar i could find. The Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote. One of the best experiences of my life.

  8. Back in the summer of 2007, I was able to go to the DOminican Republic to do some volunteer work. Our group provided medical and dental care for many “Campos” or villages since many that lived there could not afford it. My host father appreciated that we came from the U.S. to help out and would always start the day with a cigar and cup of dark roast coffee and invited me to join him. Before smoking his cigars, I had only had the ol swisher sweets and stuff like like. He opened my mind and palatte to a whole new experience. We then visited La Aurora’s tabacco farms and rolling facility as part of the immersion into the Dominican people’s culture. Seeing how the people took the time and patience into every aspect of the art and the care they put into rolling each cigar made me fall even more in love with premium hand made cigars.
    Being a college student, I really could not afford a box of cigars, especially when rent and bills were to be paid when I returned to the States. So, a handful of us chipped in and got a box of “Belinda Exquisitos” before we left. It was the same creamy-nutty cigar that I had enjoyed with my host dad and it still brings back memories when I take one out to smoke.

  9. My very first cigar:

    My very first cigar was about a year ago.

    After doing much research online, I decided to go to a local cigar shop, and pick up a few stogies. Of course something wrong happened: I forgot my ID at home. Because Minnesota has such strict “check ID laws” the guy asked for one, and when I realized I didnt have one, I started to panic! Fortunately he didnt call the police, and I was allowed to run home and grab my drivers license.

    Continuing my story: I decided to buy three cigars: A Hoyo de Monterray Excalibur, a n extremely long RyJ 1875, and a Oliva G cameroon. I intended the Hoyo de Monterray to be a gift for my fathers birthday. However when I gave it to him, he wanted to share it with me, and I hadnt had a cigar yet. So the Hoyo Excalibur turned out to be my first cigar, although it was extremely strong and complex-not a typical beginner cigar!

    Although it was strong, I enjoyed the great cedary taste greatly, and soon acquired a passion for enjoying cigars!

  10. I got into smoking cigars about four years ago. My sister was in Dominican Republic doing a research and teaching fellowship with the University of Michigan as part of her studies in pre-med. Now, my family is from Ohio, and we are huge Ohio State Buckeyes fans, so when she declared that she would attend U of M, we were all taken aback. One of the best things that came out of her attendance to that school, beside the wonderful education she received, was when she returned from the DR. My father and I both sent some money down there with her, for buying us some cigars. She brought back, for my father, and box of Cuban Cohiba Robustos, and for me, a 10 ct. box of Cuban Cohiba Corona Especials. I have to say, for never really having smoked a cigar before, a cuban one is definitely a great way to start. I remember them being very creamy and nutty. From there, a number of months later, I went to one of local stores here in Chicago and picked up a few various cigars, including an Oliva Master Blend 2, Rocky Patel Connecticut, and an LFD Cameroon Cabinet. I’ve smoking cigars ever since. Go Buckeyes!

  11. The day of my 18th birthday I had just moved to Knoxville, TN to go to college. I didn’t know anyone yet and wasn’t really familiar with the town. I wanted to do something to celebrate my birthday so I decided to walk around the town and explore. While I was out I wandered down into the Old City (a cool little part of town with lots of restaurants and bars). I saw the Knoxville Cigar Company and thought “this is the perfect way to celebrate” I looked around cluelessly for a while and almost bought an LFD Double Ligero Chisel. The owner made some sort of a crack about sitting down when I smoked it to which I responded “why is it kind of strong or something? I have no idea I’ve never smoked before”. He pulled the cigar out of my hand, put it back in the humidor and handed me an Ashton Monarch. He showed me how to cut, light, smoke, and enjoy a cigar. Two and a half hours later I came out of the shop with a cutter, lighter, and bag of cigars that the owner recommended. I came out of there $75 lighter and with a new hobby that I’ve enjoyed for almost four years now. I still love Ashtons (when I can afford them) and still got to the same shop as often as I can. I had thought that my 18th birthday was going to really suck since I was away from my family and friends, but it turned out to be one of my favorites.

  12. Well, do the Backwoods smokes from 7-11 count? 😀

    My first real cigar I bought with a friend from The Tobacco Loft in Pleasant Hill, CA. We had smoked Backwoods for awhile and decided to try real cigars. Funny thing is I still remember it 23 years later. We walked in and start talking smokes with the guy working there and suggested a Macanudo. We ended up going with a Arturo Fuente Chateau Maduro cause it was only $2.50. That became our regular smoke for awhile.

  13. ah, I still remember my first smoke! I was still studying at that time, and I was with a friend in a used-bookstore, strolling around looking for good books. My eye catched a few books about cigars (one of them an old book “the gentle art of smoking” by Dunhill). I said to my friend that smoking cigars would be a great hobby, because all people that were smoking cigars all looked really pleased and relaxed.

    I bought the books and that same afternoon we visited a local cigar shop, and I told the story to the clerk. He smiled to us and was eager to help the young and unexpirienced boys. He gave us a great speech about what, why and how to smoke a cigar.
    He invited us in the humi, and my eyes opened with excitement!

    I left the shop with a case of “The heeren van Ruysdael” shortfillers and a sampler pack of “Private stock”, the low budget Davidoff line. The sampler pack contained 5 cigars with different sizes.
    The clerk also gave me a cigar cutter.

    As soon as I smoked one I was hooked.. I visited that shop many times over to try almost anything he had.

  14. I’ll have to guess at my first cigar purchase since it must have been, oh, 40-45 years ago. It had to be something ugly like Swisher Sweet — which was IN with the macho 16-year-old crowd back then ;-). I have to admit, if you can tolerate something like that, you’re a real man! BTW, it was not illegal for a teenager to buy or smoke — you just had to be sure your parents didn’t catch you. . . . .

  15. 2 years ago it must be so,
    To the tobacconist I did go.

    I had a yearn for something to burn
    The man was stern but I did learn.

    A mild cigar for ye to start
    So holding three did we part

    I returned to home and there I sat
    And cut the dome, called the cap.

    The match I struck and proceeded to toast,
    And with some luck, it did roast.

    The taste was bold and like a mallet
    Hit me cold on the pallet

    A petit corona it was indeed,
    And from that day by wallet did bleed.

    I now enjoy a daily smoke,
    Unless the girlfriend I do poke

    My thanks I give and is true,
    I do enjoy the Stogie Review.

    You pretty much heard it all in my poem I just wrote. I began by purchasing 3 Romeo y Rulieta
    Reserva Reals and was hooked every since that day. The tobacconist was very personable and I have been a pretty loyal customer ever since. It is a small shop but has a friendly feel and was very welcoming to a beginning cigar smoker. This is still a cigar I continue to enjoy from time to time, and I recommend it to anyone who has not tried it, a beginner, or anyone who enjoys mild-medium strength cigars.
    Thanks for the contest(s) you guys, we all out here appreciate them a lot!

  16. My first cigar purchase was in Australia about 7 years ago. At the time I had never had a cigar and my friend and I believed we were buying “cubans.” We attempted to cut and smoke them later that night and it was an absolutely horrible experience. The cigar tasted terrible, burned uneven, and eventually I gave up. At that time I believed I hated cigars and did not try another one until 3 years ago. I was living in Illinois and walked by a cigar shop. The smell was wonderful. I went in and the salesman helped me pick out a cigar based on the types of tastes I enjoyed. I took the cigar home, sat out on the porch, and lit up. This was a completely different experience. The burn was fantastic, and the flavors were amazing, especially when paired with a scotch. At that point I was hooked and have been smoking regularly ever since. I’ve accumulated a coolerdor and several humidors. Looking back on my first cigar purchase, I’m sure my “cuban” was a cheap knock-off. I didn’t know anything at the time, but we bought it for about 4 Australian dollars in the mall 🙂 No wonder it was terrible.

  17. My 1st cigar was a Garcia y Vega from a liquor store. I remember it being a pleasant smoke. Not sure what I would think of it now.

  18. My first cigar purchase wasn’t to long ago , maybe 2 months or so. I don’t smoke (cigarettes ) ,but something has always drawn me to Cigars , something about the aroma made me salivate, which I found odd since iv never smoked and I find cigarette smoke offensive. so one day I decide I’m gonna give it a go and I find my way to my local tobacconist , Smoke Rings in Merritt island Florida. . I had did a lot of research before going , but once I got there I was lost.
    I talk to one of the clerks, he admits he’s not big on cigars but there was no one else available at the time to help so he did his best. I tell him I’m new to cigars and he suggests something mild in strength to start off with. We then move on to flavor, once again I’m new to the world of stogies , so I had no idea what I liked, the only thing I could collate with taste was scent ,so I say “maybe something sweet?”. Well he suggest since I’m new I may like a flavor Infused cigar , and informs he just got some Acid sticks in…
    After some pondering I end up with a Acid- Cold Infusion Tea… BLAH!
    At first it was ok, but after about 10mins it was like sucking on a scented candle. So since my first was a bust , figure I’ll tell you about my 2nd lol.
    That night I do some research into flavor profiles , and came to a few conclusions as to what I might try next.
    The next day I go back to the shop, and take a walk around their humidor ,and do some sniffing(I know its not proper etiquette but its all I had to go by.) I pick up a Los Blancos maduro torpedo. I fell in love with it, rich in flavor that switched from cocoa to coffee to a kind of floral earth tone , nice thick smoke and nice aroma, I enjoyed it right down to a nub and it left me wanting more. Now iv had others that I think are way better than the Los Blancos , but that the cigar that got me hooked , it’s the one that changed from that point on.

  19. My first ‘real’ cigar purchase was in the early ’90’s from a B&M in Marina del Rey, CA. I used to get coffee from the place next door and I was a cigarette smoker at the time and always enjoyed the smell wafting over from the cigar shop.
    Not sure why but I was initially intimidated by the place with it’s rows of pipes and the odd room at the back glassed in and packed with cigars. Finally getting the nerve to go in I found that the shop keepers were not only friendly but extremely accommodating to someone with no cigar experience. They took me into the humidor and gave me a rundown of what I might enjoy and the things that I might want to stay away from. I couldn’t believe the level of service I was getting for being, at the time, I guy in his early 20’s and a cigar novice. I ended up taking home a couple A. Fuente’s and it pretty much became a regular at that place. Tried a few other brands but always came back to the Fuentes and anytime I needed smokes that’s where I went. Since I was a new cigar smoker I only bought what I needed back then but I was sure to get it from that shop.
    Just goes to show how good customer service and taking a little time to get to know your customer can lead to a dedicated consumer.

  20. My first purchase was a box of Rockey Patel Vintage 1992 from I had gone up north with some friends for the weekend and it was the first cigar I ever had that I enjoyed.

    A friend of ours brought a whole travel case full of cigars. We went out on the boat at night and he gave me one. That is what started my addiction.

  21. My first cigar purchase was about 13 years ago. It was a Montecristo, and I don’t remember what blend all I remember was it was OK. I bought it at one of those discount cigarette stores. I actually stopped smoking cigars in 1999 and started back up in 2004.

    In 2004, my first purchase back included a Short Story, a VSG, and a Camacho Corojo. I bought these cigars at a local B&M with the help of the store owner. I still frequent that shop today. After smoking the VSG I thought “Why did I ever quit smoking?” It was so good (as were the other two cigars). If I had smoked a clunker, I may never have gotten back into smoking, so I appreciate the owner’s help that day.

  22. My first *real* cigar purchase (not counting gas station cigars) was a box of Padron 2000 Maduros. I ordered online from

  23. My first cigar I bought about 5 years ago from Jon’s Front Street Tobacconist. They used to be a good place with a fully loaded cigar inventory but alas, they are terrible now. They are in Old Town Sacramento and the service is horrible. So I bought just based on price. Selected an Avo for $18. I was going to a summer gathering of a bunch of friends and we decided to each select a cigar and tell old war stories. I only smoked half and put the rest unsmoked in the tube. Kind of nursed that cigar for about a week. It was not a good way to introduce my self to cigars. I didn’t buy another until the following Summer LOL.


  24. The first cigar I ever had was probably ten years ago now, bought by a friend of mine, and where the cheap 5 for $3 kind. Still, I was interested, so I headed out the following weekend to an actual cigar shop in town to look around.

    I can’t really remember what I bought at this point, but I enjoyed it enough that I began going back at least once a week for a long time, constantly trying new cigars until I settled on my favorites.

  25. 23 yrs ago, 4 buddies and I trekked to northern Maine after Thanksgiving day for a camping trip. When we stopped for provisions (many 2 litre bottles of Mt. Dew and Doritos) my buddy Joe decided it’d be nice to have a cigar and maybe a pipe while we were sitting by the camp fire. So all of us bought a pack of either White Owls, Phillies or Swishers (so we could try them all) as well as a $1.99 corn-cob pipe and a pouch of tobacco.
    While the evening was a memorable one, it wasn’t as memorable as the taste in my mouth the next morning! Oiy!

  26. I went on a caribbean cruise in 2002, stopped in Cancun and with 2 other guys I met on the ship purchased a few “Cohiba’s”, I don’t know if they were real or not, but I had never smoked anything before in my life and they were great. Started smoking on the beach, the cigar went out I carried it onto the ship and finished it in the hot tub later. I will never forget it, here I sit 6 years later still smoking cigars.

  27. My first purchase was from Thompson’s Cigar catalog. (Isn’t everyone’s first online purchase from there?) I ordered one of their samplers of their own label. I thought I was in “Stogie Heaven” unitl some buddies turned me on to the upscale side of things.

  28. A few years back one of my customers sent me 2 cigars. One was a Macanudo Hampton Court (Tube). It was very nice, mellow and plesant. I enjoyed it very much. The next was a cuban (no band). It was fabulous. It was Creamy, nutty, spicy. I WAS HOOKED! Unable to get the Cubans at the time I got a box of 10 Macanudos, since I knew I enjoyed them. I have been on the quest for “The One” ever since.

  29. First was a long time ago – I’ve always like the cheap and easy backwoods type cigars but it wasn’t until a cigar shop opened up a few blocks away that I began to appreciate fine cigars. They have one of the best humidors in the area with a huge selection so I began working my way through their suggestions. Over the last year i’ve tried most brands with my favorite being Gurkha and Rocky Patel. I’ve had a great time enjoying the Edge but recently i’ve become very fond of the Black Dragon line.

    I’ve finally jumped in with both feet first and recently picked up my first box to go in my recently acquired 20 stick humidor to keep around the house. Now I just keep wondering what’s next!

  30. My first cigar was a CAO Gold. Torpedo if I remember correctly. I was apprehensive at first but as I started the smoke I found my confidence and really started to enjoy the smoke. Obviously a mild smoke (didn’t realize it at the time). I was enjoying it while walking outside shopping at our local swap meet. My wife even commented at the time that she enjoyed the cigar smell coming from it. I’ve been hooked ever since…

  31. My first cigar (The short version):

    My first cigar was an unknown machine made pineapple flavored cigar. I bought it October 1, 2006, a day I will never forget. It was the day after my 18th birthday, and I was working with the band. During some down time, I looked at my buddy I said I need to celebrate for the night before; lets go find a gas station and find a cigar. We head outside the hotel, where we were working at, and look around for a gas station. None were in site, but we noticed a taxi and decided to ask the driver if he knew where a gas station was at. I told him I was looking for a cigar which he replied, “you looking to roll up.” I laughed and told him I was just wanting to celebrate with a cigar. The driver told us to get in and he would take us to one. Not thinking anything of it, my buddy and me jump in and go on one the craziest taxi rides of our life. It seemed like this guy drove forever, and with every street we flew by it seemed more and more likely this guy was going to kill us. My buddy is freaking out thinking it’s our doom. FINALLY, to pulls up to a “gas station” which was basically just a cube in the ground. Not even able to go inside, we walk up the the window and ask the clerk for a cigar. He asked me what I wanted, and not knowing anything about cigars I just told him give me whatever. I was rushed due to the fact my buddy was still thinking the taxi driver was calling over his buddies to jump us. So, I bought my $1 dollar cigar, and get back into the taxi and we headed back to the hotel. When we got back we told the taxi driver thanks, and asked how much for the ride to which he replied, “No man it’s on me.” Yes, a free taxi ride in Chicago no less. So, the cigar wasn’t that great, but at least it did have the pineapple flavor like advertised. I look back at it now and know the cigar didn’t matter; cigars are like foreplay before sex, its just sets the mood, it’s the experience that counts.

  32. For my first cigar purchase, I remember it was a cold, February afternoon. It was Saturday, and I was as hung over as a person could possibly be. Me and a friend of mine–I was a restaurant manager, and he worked for me as a bartender–went to the Dayton Mall to grab a quick bite to eat before getting ready to hit the town that night.
    We stopped by the Tinderbox to look around, and we decided to split a box of A. Fuente Double Chat. Madoro cigars–I had just wanted to get a couple, but my friend talked the owner into giving us a pretty good discount on the whole box.
    We went across the mall to eat at Ruby Tuesday and see his girlfriend. We sat there looking through our sticks, decided to have a beer, and began our Saturday off earlier then planned.
    Also of important note–while we were sitting there having our beer and admiring our cigars, I saw my future wife for the first time. She worked part time at the Ruby Tuesday as a waitress, and was just arriving for her evening shift. She walked in, and I just had one of those moments that was like an out of body experience—I stared at her for a few moments, the turned to my friend and told him that I was going to marry her someday. We started dating about a year later, and we just celebrated our tenth anniversary in September.
    The cigars turned out to be pretty good as well–I’ll always have a place in my heart for Fuente cigars due to that day.

  33. The very first cigar I smoked was a Hoyo De Monterrey at the age of 17, I am 31 now. I bought it from a local tobacco shot named Hellam’s. The shop is still at the same place and looks no different now than it did all those years ago.

    I was out in Monterey with some friends and one of the girls asked me to go get her some cigarettes from Hellam’s as I looked well over 18. While I was in there I stared into the case that I had on many previous occasions and finally decided to get a cigar. Since I was in Monterey I figured hey why not a Hoyo de Monterrey. I smoked that cigar and I can remember that from the first puff I was going to do this again.

    From then on I have had a spot close to my heart for Hoyo de Monterrey and regularly enjoy their Excalibur lines. I have also got several of my friends interested in cigars although none smoke as often as I do.

  34. My first purchase was at a local store that sold mostly cigarettes. They had a small walk in humidor that was relatively well stocked. At the time I had heard of some of the brands like CAO and Torano, but wasn’t sure what I would like. While I was in there, one of the workers came in that about my same age. He asked me what I was looking for. I told him that I really had no idea because this was my first cigar purchase. He gave me several suggestions and told me that if I bought 4 I got the 5th on from free. That was a screaming deal for me. I made up my first fiver and was about to leave when he started inspecting the cigars. He found a few and gave them to me and said there were on the house. I asked him why and he said that they had a few sun spots or whatever on them and the owner doesn’t like to sell cigars with blemished on them. I don’t know if that was true or not because, well, I couldn’t find anything on them, but I really appreciated the gesture. That showed me what being a brother of the leaf really meant.

  35. The first time I had a cigar was last winter. I went to my local shop and extremely awkwardly asked the owner what he’d recommend for a beginner who has never smoked before. I mentioned my price range below $3. The first cigar I smoked was some cheapo called Special Blends Alec Bradley. I smoked it in a random parking lot where it was cold and windy (pretty shady huh?). I really disliked it. Looking back on the experience, I think I was smoking too fast, and the wind may have helped increase the burn temperture, as it was burning very hot and giving a very bitter flavor. Just a terrible experience. I also had not humidified any of my first few cigars, so I think this had something to do with it.

    But I persevered on, as I kept reading juicy articles here on SR thinking I had to be doing something wrong. Eventually I got my cigars humidified, and found some real winners, like the CAO Gold and even better, the Oliva Serie G.

    The Oliva Serie G is a special cigar for me now, it was the 6th cigar I had ever had, and it really made me fall in love with cigars. It was better than anything I had smoked yet, and during one puff, I got this extremely distinct chocolate flavor. For everyone here who has had an Oliva Serie G, you guys know what they are like, just all around great smokes.

    So my initial experience was HORRIBLE, but ask I kept reading here on SR, I knew I had to keep giving it another shot, the smell of cigars is just simply intoxicating, so I pushed through and have found many cigars I really can enjoy a quiet moment or good time with a friend with.

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