Camacho Triple Maduro

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Camacho Triple Maduro

Tom and Ed join us once again for another video cigar review. For their review, they are joined by special guest Anthony as they relax at Casa de Eduardo.

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13 thoughts on “Camacho Triple Maduro

  1. I’ve had a few people tell me the exact same thing. I’ll reduce the file size on the next review. You can try the viddler hosted one though (links are posted above). I haven’t had any complaints of buffering problems from there.


  2. Huh, watched it with weak_link and it was slow loading, but we just paused it and let it load up for awhile and no problems.

    Great review as always. I love these smokes. Though I thought the comment on the light finish was strange. To me these always have a very thick finish that stays with me. It’s a great taste and one of the most enjoyable parts of the cigar. Maybe the humidity made it seem less so?

  3. If I had a beautiful herf spot like Ed does I’d open the store late every morning.:)
    Did anyone else get subliminal flashes of what looked like Brian Hewitt on this video ?

  4. Steve –
    It did seem to go away quickly with no cigar breath. We were drinking a lot of water, so maybe that played a part as well. Either way, a great smoke!

    HavanaBill –
    Reviewing at Ed’s house it much more relaxing then at the shop. We may make a habit of it. As for using images of Mr. Hewitt, I can’t confirm or deny this accusation.

  5. Khyber, sorry I somehow missed your question.

    The V cutter is a Solingen. It looks like any other plastic V cutter, but it actually has a nice sharp blade and is pretty durable. They are cheap too, around $10.00.

  6. Nice review guys. The flash for the Newspaper article was a trip. I have only tried the Camacho Negro (Gift) and did not like it much. I will have to try a few of the others. The SLR sounds very good as does this one.
    Thanks again guys.

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