601 Habano Oscuro Corona (Guest Review)

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601 Habano Oscuro Corona (Guest Review)

This review was done by OlivaSerieV from the
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eo 601 Habano Oscuro Corona 5 x 42
Paid: $2.25 (They are $4.50 each but got one thrown in for free this one time)
Beverage: Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antigo de Solera and a couple bottle of H2O

12/17/2008 around midnight.

Outside late at night on a brisk Houston Texas evening the rain has died down and the temperature is a tad below 50 degrees.

Dark chocolate wrapper, perfect construction.

I used a Ratters cranial screw cut on the end cap with my Palio cutter and peeled it off.

Great draw not to easy just the perfect resistance.


Toasted the foot for a minute with my Xikar lighter.

The first puff was light and the smoke was voluminous. Tons of cloudy white smoke billowing everywhere

1st 3rd:
A slight pepper through the sinus, with a nutty velvety chocolate mouth feel and taste. So far a perfect burn line with a strong white ash. Losing the nutty still have the dark chocolate flavor, very nice. Gobs of thick white smoke. The peppery notes are disappearing as the cigar really starts to smooth out. Very nice makes me wish they made this in a double corona. Almost thru the 1st 3rd and I am picking up some sweet notes. Creamy, sweet light chocolaty flavors.

12:12 pm and I have huffed and puffed my way speedily thru 2/3 of the 1st 3rd. The ash is white and holding nice

2nd 3rd:
Cleared my palate with water… swished it around good to get a fresh start here. The smoke is thick and you can really feel it coat the inside of your mouth with every puff. Starting to detect some earthy flavors as the sweetness is moving to the background. The cigar is getting smoother and the sweet flavor pops in and out now. Too much typing and I have let the cigar go out… a quick flick of the ash which was holding on tight and I am back in business. A nice sip of rum followed by some water to clear the palate and I will stop to enjoy this part. The ash has a black ring on the white ash where I let it go out. The cigar continues to just make tons of smoke. This smoke produces creamy white smoke and leaves a nice sweet chocolate taste. I like the gold band with the very simple 601 proudly displayed in the middle. The cigar is so smooth I have been greedily retro haling every puff since the very beginning. The burn line is still perfect. The cigar is getting smoother and more earthy now.


The flavor is moving to more of a cognac flavor and the smoke is still creating a thick layering mouth feel. Starting to get a bit of black coffee. And the chocolate is coming back as the cognac disappears. As there is no wind the smoke is just enveloping me in a cloud as I retro hale. Getting more of the nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Final 3rd:
Getting close to needing to remove the gold band. The cigar is getting silky smooth and the flavors are jumping all over as I am getting a montage of nutty, earthy, slight sweetness, light chocolate and a hint of cognac.

12:37 pm time to remove the band.

The inch and a half of ash is still holding firm from the only time I ashed it because I needed a relight due to my over typing and under puffing early on. Getting more of that coffee flavor as the other notes are fading in and out.


My 12oz water bottle is empty and I will need to go and grab another. Note this little cigar is deceiving and I need two 12 oz bottles of H2O. Wrestling to open my new bottle of water my tower of ash has fallen. The coffee flavors are leaving and I am getting a hint of pepper. Smooth, silky and creamy as the last bit here is surprisingly crisp and clean, maybe even a hint of minty. With less than an inch of cigar left its burning nice and cool. Still making huge volumes of smoke and solid white ash with a black undertone underneath it.


Tried to ash it but a few firm taps and it does not want to leave. The burn line has become a wee bit uneven but there is not enough stick to touch it up. Picking up a new caramel like flavor very nice.


I just ashed it and broke out a toothpick. Touched it up a bit as the burn is definitely uneven now. But the flavor is unbelievably good! Clouds of smoke still starting to feel the heat but the flavors and taste are all mixed in and very nice, enjoyable to the last puff. Getting a warmer smoke still creamy and delicious.

1:08 am

Sadly I am out of cigar as I risk burning of the lips and the smoke is starting to feel hot. Time to go back inside and warm the bones.

A great cigar that probably would last 75 minutes if I had not greedily puffed away at a sprinters pace. Great flavors in a small cigar that packs a punch.

It left me slightly dizzy and I know why I do not like to smoke these in larger ring gauges. I would however like a longer cigar. A great smoke that I will need to add permanently to my humidor.

A start of pepper that fades fast followed by nutty, chocolate, sweet, earthy, coffee and caramel. What’s not to like! Complex, interesting and very tasty.

Buy again: Yes, I see a box of these in my near future.
Smoke again: Yes a very enjoyable smoke.
Recommend: Yes I have to say thumbs up on this great smoke.

enjoying cigars since 2005

7 thoughts on “601 Habano Oscuro Corona (Guest Review)

  1. You convinced me I need to try one myself. Thanks for a great guest review.
    Happy Holiday Thoughts to your and yours,

  2. Great review Oliva! I’ve only had the Red, and it left me unimpressed. But, as I am a lover of the dark leaf, I fully intend to give this bad boy a try. “See” you next Friday night on DWCR!

  3. Nice review, Oliva. I am a big fan of the Green label as well, although I do like the 60 ring size (Trabuco). Once my credit card is rested up from the holiday, I see at least one box of these in my near future.

  4. Great review. I’m a big fan of the Red and the Green labels.

    Also good to see the Cranial Screw Top method taking over. 😀

  5. Very nice write up. I have tried the blue and loved it. I got a 4 pk sampler, 1 of each color. I am looking forward to each and every one. Thanks again for the review.

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