Top 10 Cigars (2008)

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Top 10 Cigars (2008)

Welcome to The Great Torpedo Edicion of Top 10 Cigars for 2008. In case you’ve been kidnapped by elves or in-laws and missed it, be sure to checkout Walt’s Top 10 and Brian’s Top 10. I was actually surprised that my list actually shares 3 cigars that are on Walt’s list. Really thought Brian and I would have more cigars in common but that just goes to show how far off in la la land Brian is. 🙂

I apologize for those of you stuck in your office whose corporate firewall won’t allow you to watch videos online but you actually have to watch the video to get my Top 10 list. So either download a friendly version for offline viewing, download the podcast from your iPhone/iTouch or wait till you get home and light up a cigar while you watch.

Video runs about 25 minutes so I spent about 2 minutes on each cigar. I wanted to use the Stogie Review Way Back Machine but the video explains why I couldn’t. Also please note that the Oliva Series V in the video isn’t the maduro…still it makes the list. I must have gotten myself all confused when getting the sticks out of my humidor. My bad peeps, the V Maduro only comes in a Torpedo shape.

Have a safe and enjoyable New Year. Regardless of whether 2008 was a good year or bad year for you, cheers to 2009 being better for all of us. Much love…long ashes.

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Cigars (2008)

  1. So Boofa75 is right, the Oliva Series V that I show in the video is not the maduro. I must have gotten confused making sure I had most of the smokes to show…anyway, thanks Boofa75 for pointing it out.

  2. Jerry,

    Great list. The only one I havent tried out of those is the Arganese double wrap and I always see you guys smoking them. May have to place an order.

  3. It’s always fun to see a list of favorites. I know that you are partial to a milder smoke, but I absolutely do not like the Rocky Patel Connecticut. I am so glad that you love that Nub Conn, and the Bravo, both of which blow the Rocky Conn. out of the humidor, in my opinion. It’s also pretty cool to see a fuller body stick like the V Maduro on your list. Great cigar! Like your list though, it’s definitely you from what I can tell. See you next year. Go Redskins, even though we suck and blew the whole fucking second half of the season. Peace Out!

  4. Nice ’08 list and can’t wait for the next Habanos review. What do you think of the Diplomaticos #2? Feel free to email me or do a review 🙂

  5. Great video Jerry and love how you did your top 10 in a video. Great presentation and I’m seriously going to have to add the Cubao to my list for next year. Can’t believe how I’m missing out on all that DP goodness 🙂 And if I can find a Black, yowza!!!


  6. Lotta good stuff on SR about the Tatuaje Black and the Cubao….I must try these ASAP.

    Great job on the video, the way-back time machine would have been nice though!

  7. Great list Jerry! The Cubao (and yes that lancero is very “bangin'”), the Nub, V Maduro, LFD Cam Cab, and Tat Black are right there at least in my top 12. I would add the Mi Barrio and the My Father to my list.

    And the trio of Cubans was nice! I tried the Vegas Robaina when a fellow BOTL gave me one and it was phe-nom-in-al. Have a great New Year Jerry.

  8. my man, have you tried the uppercut cigar by punch yet? had one thought it was pretty good for a med. flavored stick. can get them here on the reservation for two bucks a pop

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