CI Legends Orange (Rocky Patel)

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CI Legends Orange (Rocky Patel)

Its been awhile since I reviewed my last cigar from the CI Legends Serie. I’ve received some mail wondering why I haven’t reviewed any Rocky Patel cigars in awhile and thought this would be the perfect time to continue the series and review the Orange Label.

Video runs a little over 19 minutes and along with my review of the Orange Label, I take a few minutes to answer some of the more frequent questions I get like hoe I feel about constantly mispronouncing cigar names. Also, ignore the background noise, it was the portable heater, yeah its cold! Long ashes…


21 thoughts on “CI Legends Orange (Rocky Patel)

  1. oh BTW “oui parle francais” means “yes i speak french” in French! lol. Seems the group singing it is very proud of that fact.

  2. It’s pretty ironic that when you talk about mispronouncing words, you actually mispronounce a word! Oui is pronounced “we” not “oy”. Have you ever heard your intro song? Oui Parle Francais is pronounced “we parlay fransay” (I spelled it wrong on purpose folks). I’m pretty sure you do this stuff on purpose to create more posts.

  3. “WOW” you do like this cigar then (LOL). Hey brother another fine review and I am sure glad you re-visited this guy. I was shock to see no mention of a Bruins loss though (LOL). With that great job again and see you on Twitter!


  4. Guess Dko hasn’t been around for awhile. Jerry is probably the fan favorite on the site because he’s not afraid to make a mistake on camera. The Great Torpedo doesn’t need any help getting comments cause he’s the man.

    Don’t worry about the haters Jerry. Love the review and I agree. The Yellow is top dog in the legends series.

  5. I find it ironic that Dko claims Jerry does this to create more comment but yet leaves a comment. LOL…its one thing to criticize Jerry about a cigar its another thing to criticize his motive. As someone who has met Jerry personally and considers him a friend, Jerry is as real as they come dude. You probably also think Jerry brings up his son JJ to get sympathy comments huh? You’re sad dude.

    Anyway, enjoy the review. Like you said on Twitter, probably not your best quality review but enjoyable nonetheless. Wouldn’t mind seeing another Cuban review next like that Vegas one you talk about on Twitter.

  6. Nice review as always. I really like your short reviews, I just wish that you did them more often. I also would like to see a return of ‘Jerry’s cool thing of the week’…remember that? And about the mis-pronouncing of cigar names, who cares, I like that you do that, so I don’t feel so bad when I do it. πŸ™‚

  7. Jerry – mispronouncing things has always been a pet peeve of mine since the beginning but now I’m use to it and find it entertaining on how bad you can butcher a word. You are right that once someone corrects you, you pronounce it correctly…anyone remember Tatuaje? LOL.

    Like the review but was a bit disappointed with this cigar choice to review. Aren’t there newer Rocky cigars out there like his seasonal blend?

    As always, its good to see you smiling and laughing bro!

  8. Jerry is the top comment love getter. He gets comment love like Dirk Diggler gets pu$$y. (I do have to admit though Jerry, I did chuckle a wee bit when you pronounced the word incorrectly.) It was fitting though. But Dko, that’s why we love The Great Torpedo. He says the word incorrectly, and moves on without pause and makes you think he pronouncing the word correctly. He is so smooth he makes you think that your pronunciation is incorrect. LOL

    As far as the cigar, I was not a big fan of this cigar when I tried it. I’ll admit that it It has been a while (over a year) since I last smoked the cigar but it was just ehh. Maybe I need to pick up another and let it sit like you did.

  9. I like the explanation of why your videos are short. Thats one thing that SR has above all the other cigar blogs. The range of personalities and styles. There is a style on the site that appeals to everyone. You have the detailed reviews of Walt, the whimsical reviews of Brian and the down to earth reviews of Jerry plus the entertaining reviews of Tom & Ed.

    I guess Dko isn’t a fan of Jerry’s reviews? πŸ™‚

    I think Irish Mike’s comment says it best…Jerry is a smooth dude. Anyway see his pimp robe from his 12seconds videos? LOL! Classic!

  10. another great review Jerry… I have smoked my way through the entire Legend Series and I think the Pepin and maybe the Camacho (white Label) were the only two sticks worth a damn…. BTW that was funny as hell when your ash dropped all over your keyboard while saying long ashes on your sign off

  11. Nice review Jerry. I like when you mispronounce stuff. It makes me smile. I smoked 1 of these guys like 5 months ago and didn’t like it. I have 2 left I need to pull 1 out and see if it changed like the one you had.

  12. A good review. Couple of notes though, one should not have to age a cigar. Aging should be an option for the purchaser, not a requirement. Also, while the review indicates that the Orange Label is a decent smoke once aged, I belive it to be way overpriced. These days, there are much better buys than what CI charges for these things. PASS

  13. Great review Jerry. I definitely like the Yellows and think the Oranges are OK cigars. I was constantly picking out small bits of tobacco though. Kind of annoying. The ones I had weren’t harsh but I’d have to try again. I agree on the resting aroma. Smoked them outside of Disneyland and didn’t catch any glares so there you go πŸ™‚


  14. Oh, and by the way, I love the brevity of your video’s. I have too short of an attention span to review ones them longer then 15 min. I also love Walt’s Short Ashes stuff for that exact reason.

  15. Jerry, I enjoy your reviews and ramblings.I always learn something from your reviews and they help me decide what cigars I may or may not want to try. When I am listening to your reviews my attention is primarily directed on what you are saying and not how you are saying it. Your style is easy to listen to I always look forward to your next video. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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