Nestor Miranda Special Selection (Short Ashes)

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Nestor Miranda Special Selection (Short Ashes)

The day I received my new camcorder in the mail, I decided to fire it up and do a quick Short Ashes video. This one was actually done before the Don Pepin Gacria Black Label video. The lighting is off and I was just getting a feel for the new equipment.

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Nestor Miranda Special Selection

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5 thoughts on “Nestor Miranda Special Selection (Short Ashes)

  1. Walt,

    Great review! I enjoyed this short ashes review a lot. The Nestor Miranda Special Selection is a cigar I received from Cigars International and coincidentally the first cigar I smoked in 2009. I did not know there were two blends out there! I imagine I may have had the Pepin blend. I really enjoyed whichever blend it was I smoked of these and plan on picking up a 5-pack down the road online as my local B&M does not carry these.

    Thanks again! Have a great week!


  2. I just got done smoking one of these and pretty much agree with most of your review. I imagine the one I smoked was the Pepin blend. The differences between my cigar and yours was mine burned very nicely. I didn’t have any problems keeping it lit and the draw was nice although it did tighten a bit toward the end (nothing that bothered me though). I will definitely be buying more of these.

    Thanks for the review Walt!!

  3. I just smoked one of these yesterday thats been sitting in my humidor for about 5 months now and all I can say is great smoke. For a Lancero it burned really good, had a very smooth draw and didn’t get too hot until the very end. I enjoyed the overall appearance of this cigar and felt it was pretty much perfect as far as it goes to preparation, mine wasn’t as veiny as your’s appeared to be. As far as flavor goes I noticed just good spicy notes and earthiness, slightly dark cherry and graham nuances with good plumes of smoke through out the smoke. I guess sometimes you pick a good one and sometimes you pick a bad one, as far as mine goes it is a definite buy again.

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