Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic (Short Ashes)

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Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic (Short Ashes)

I recently upgraded my video setup, as a result I haven’t gotten all of the logistics worked out just yet. With the excitement of my new HD Camcorder still fresh, I decided to fire it up and give a Short Ashes review a try. My HD DV tapes haven’t arrived yet so I didn’t want to go all out and do a full length review just yet. I’ll be back to normal for next weeks review. Until then, check out my review of the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic (Black Label) in Short Ashes format.

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Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic (Black Label)

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9 thoughts on “Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic (Short Ashes)

  1. Walt,
    Nice review as always. I find these cigars get loads better with some age. I have some from late May that are fantastic now.

  2. Love the new camera, it is noticeably better. I love how it focuses in on the closeups of the cigar/lighter logo when you hold it in front of the camera. We will all benefit from your recent purchase 🙂

  3. if your looking to pick more up, has boxes of robustos for 87 and toros for 94. they have by far the cheapest prices ive seen on the net

  4. Hey Walt. Picture on that looks really great. You said you weren’t sure about the lighting, so you might want to try to diffuse the lighting a little bit by putting a white sheet between you and the light, you had a little hot spot on your forehead there. Other than that, looks great. nice review.

  5. Nice review as always. 🙂

    These are my favorite of the DPGs, hands down. I like how the flavor overpowers the spice rather than the other way around.

  6. I agree with Adam. I had one from CI that was in my humidor for about a week and it was ok. I let the other sit for several months and it was an awesome smoke. Let these rest for a while, they get better.

  7. If you have not tried one already, I would urge you to try the pepin black in size ‘perla 1952’. IMO the blend comes through best in that small format.

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