Humidor Tour

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Humidor Tour

My apologies to Walt, I know he wanted me to do a poll but decided I’d make up for being a slacker in my H.Upmann Reserve Maduro review and take you all on a little tour.

Lately I’ve received some messages about what the boxes look like from the Cuban cigars I’ve smokes so I spend a little time showing off a few boxes. People have also asked what my humidor looks like so I take the opportunity to show off my Romeo y Julieta Limited Edition humidor.

Video runs a little over 15 minutes and I hope you all enjoy!


50 thoughts on “Humidor Tour

  1. Awesome video Jerry. Great humidor!! I know what you mean about slave to the hygrometer. grrrr. But hey, I have dried my cigars out so I’ll keep mine heh.


  2. Jerry, I enjoyed your video. Thanks for the closeup of your prized possession. I think your comments regarding hygrometers are right on. Your words will encourage me to focus more on how the cigars are smoking rather than worrying about the number. I thank you for that.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ……………Freud

  3. jerry,
    Good review i’m always interested to see how other people care for their cigars makes me relax about my own setup when I see other people aren’t quite as paranoid about care as I am.

    Matt M.

  4. Thanks Jerry for a closer look behind the curtain. I do love your RyJ Humidor. I broke my hand trying to reach through the computer screen to grab a couple of those cubans. While I love pretty much everything you huys produce for us, this was a very nice change of pace.

    P.S. – ENE (Enero) is January.

  5. Great video bud. It was nice taking us behind the scenes like that and letting us look at the Great Torpedo’s Vault of Cigars.

    BTW, thanks for mentioning me in the vid…glad to know i’m getting kicked in the nuts for the Nestor Miranda’s instead of being blamed for almost setting you on fire with that Vasco de Gama.

  6. Jerry!!!!!! Pretty sweet humidor man. I can look at it and the beauties you have sitting in it all day long!

    You know you totally butchered the whole “Hecho…” phrase right? Or are the rest of us? LOL

    Great stuff…nice change of pace!

  7. I agree with you about the hygrometer. Your fingers are the best judge of proper humidification anyway. You know how your cigars are supposed to feel and how they are supposed to smoke.

    Never used one; never had a problem in almost 25 years of smoking.

  8. Reflection: How do I say this tactfully, there is definatly alot of laquer on that box…I mean, polka-dot boxers are nice, but this should be a kid friendly show! enough talk about your “prize possession.” 🙂 Feel free to endorse the puck, they are a sponsor.

  9. LOL! You know whats really funny Adam? When I placed the order, I totally forgot to enter the code to save my 5%. LOL. Luckily, Mark took care of it.

  10. oh jeez I’m so late…I just got the polka dot boxers reference…I was like “how the heck did he know?” LOL…good catch my friend!

  11. I usually enjoy your videos and this one may certainly have good content, but I was compelled to not watch the entirety of this particular video because of the music choice. I was quite appalled to see that you used the song “Scottie Doesn’t Know.” It is extremely impure and indecent. I ask that you please don’t use these type of song in the future. Thank you.

  12. thanks for the tour Jerry. Great stuff. Now we just have to get Walt and Brian to join the slacker brigade and show us their humis. Or in Walts case his myriad of coolidors.

  13. I have to agree with Eric. I didn’t want to be the first. I did fast forward thru the song, enjoyed the content and thank you for sharing your very cool setup.

    I don’t want to come off as some kind of “nanny” because I understand that cigars are considered adult content but maybe a disclaimer before each video would help remind us, similar to a NSFW notice? I watch you guys and think of you as family so I watch your videos around my family here at home. I sure wouldn’t want my 6 yr old to ask me what some of these lyrics mean.

  14. Interesting commentary on the song. I didn’t even pay attention to it. I’ll have to listen to what I missed. I usually tune out the songs since I don’t care. Just want the cigar video 🙂


  15. Jerry – Thanks for the tour of your setup. Very cool. As for the music thing… Meh I say use whatever you want. With respect, I subscribe to the thought that we (the public) control what we and our kids/families are exposed to. If I don’t like what you have in your vids, I’d turn it off. Problem solved.

    Please… No adult content labels. For Gods sake, this is a cigar site. It is all adult content. Tipper Gore ruined it for the music biz in the 80’s. Let’s not let it spread here 🙂

    Long F’in ashes!

  16. wow… I totally missed the music thing…

    yeah… screw it..

    assuming you have to be 18 to smoke a cigar anyway, you should be grown up enough to deal with some “bad” words.

  17. Dude what happened to the heartfelt industry beads??? Ur using the puck now?? Is it better?? I have the beads in my zebrano humidor along with the regular funky green sponge should I get the puck instead.. does the beads effect the taste of my lil babies… talk to me Jerry

  18. It doesn’t have to do with being old enough to hear about these type of things. You may have to be 18 to smoke a cigar legally in this country, but nobody ought to be exposed to impure songs that have their focus on fornicating and other inappropriate things. It is just immoral. I’m glad I’m not the only one who holds this view. It is easy for me not to watch them, but I would like to learn more about cigars and what they have to say here on the Stogie Review. Thanks.


  19. Yes Agent 15, he did clean that perty thing up quite a bit didn’t he? LMFAO!!!!! I think Walt and Brian need to keep this vid in mind for future installments from them. I liked it!

    And I too need to go back and see what I’m missing in the music….

  20. Eric – I really appreciate your feedback and even more so that you did so in a respectable/non-offending way. I want you to know that I didn’t mean to offend you or anyone. It was an accident. I had watched the movie (Euro Trip which this song is from) and so the song was fresh in my head. I can’t promise you that I will never play an offensive song or make an off the cuff comment in any future reviews. I can promise you that if I do offend you in the future, I’ll listen, explain and hopefully come to some common ground.

    I am who I am and I’ve said on occasion doing videos is cheaper than therapy and when I take on the persona of “The Great Torpedo”, I forget that I’m hurting. Sometimes the song is more for me than for anyone else. Thanks.

  21. Really enjoyed the video and your humidor is probably one of the nicest looking I’ve ever seen. Looks much better in HD video than those old pics.

    Also, well said reply! You are who you are…

  22. First the video rocks! Amazing humidor.

    Second thanks for making an embedded version that plays on the iPhone. That’s awesome!

    Lastly, your openess and you being you is what brings us back every year. Your openess about your life and JJ, even my wife says I should be more like you. LOL.

  23. For those of you who did not like the music, please grow up. There are going to be things in life that you don’t like. That does not mean you have to force your narrow views down the throats of everyone else. You are in the minority here with the song. I, like many, didn’t even notice the content of the song until it was pointed out by you, so maybe you guys are just way too sensitive.

    Cigars are criticized, taxed to death by big brother, and anti-smoking zealots are trying to kill our hobby altogether. Censorship is truly the last bandwagon any of us should be on! If you think about it, you wanting Jerry to censor himself and the music he plays on his videos because you don’t like it or because you are offended is no different than anti-smoking zealots wanting to ban smoking. They want it banned for the exact same reasons you don’t like Jerry’s choice of song. So if you give it a minute of thought, you are being a hypocrite. Other people trying force their rules and beliefs down our throats, is at the heart of the smoking bans and the absurd state and federal taxes on cigars. Quit trying to make this more of a “nanny state.” Cigar smoking is for adults. Nowhere does it state on this site that is kid friendly or mother approved. Use your own judgment (there is a thing called a volume knob by the way)! Oh, and If the content of that song is too offensive, then I feel really bad for you. If you get offended by lines like “doing it” or “on her knees” or “she’s under me and I’m not stopping” then that’s sad (and most likely so is your sex life). I’ll get off my soap box now. Keep up the good work Jerry. And long F’ing ashes brother.

  24. Great video Jerry! Thanks again! Damn I just got a craving for some Cubans….why are you making me go to my local expensive BMs huh!? lol
    Thanks a lot Jerry, keep ’em coming!
    Long fucking ashes! Cheers mate!

    PS: If you don’t want your kids to hear it either use headphones or don’t watch them when the kids are around. Problem solved! yay! (^_^)b

  25. Mr. Irish Mike,

    Being part of the minority doesn’t mean that one is incorrect. As I mentioned in a previous post, it doesn’t have to do with being grown up or old enough to there these sort of things said, it has to do with morality and appropriateness.

    Your saying that censure ship in music is the same as the government imposing tax laws and tobacco legislation is completely false. Impure lyrics in songs has to do with morality and tobacco legislation has to do with health. Being a Roman Catholic adhering to the Church’s teaching prior to the Second Vatican Council, I am all for State censure ship of literature and music under the guidance of the Church. This ensures that the inhabitants of the State (hopefully being Catholic) would consume proper literature, music, and today television programs. The Church and the Catholic States that no longer exist did this for the purpose of aiding morality among the faithful and helping them save their immortal souls. Today the modern religion has become a cult of the body and health is put upon a pedestal and is worshiped instead of God. This is why States such as the USA enforce such strict tobacco laws. There is clearly a difference and therefore I am not being a hypocrite by asking the music to be cleaned up.

    It clearly isn’t about the volume bottom or something like that, it is the principle of the matter. I thank Jerry for handling the situation well and trying to comply with his listeners’ requests. On the other hand, it is quite appalling to see people like yourself, Mike, making comments about my “sex life.”

  26. Hey Jerry,

    Ship me some of those and I’ll help you organize them better in my humidor. LOL

    Also, I will punch you in the face if you start censoring your music.

    Love the RyJ humidor dude! Makes me a tad bit jealous. Long slackin’.

  27. Eric,

    It’s narrow minded. That’s all. You have religious views, that’s great. But my religious views are not your religious views, and your and my religious views are probably not the views of someone else, etc., etc. For you to try and ask Jerry to censor himself is narrow minded because you are trying to force your views on everyone else here. Most of us do not share your exact views. Jerry clearly does not share your exact views. It’s just silly, and a sad state of affairs in this country, that people like you feel that everyone should mold their actions to your religious viewpoint. Last I checked, this is America, NOT the Catholic church. We take pride in the fact that we are a melting pot of different views, beliefs, cultures, etc. If we all thought like you (and the Catholic church) we wouldn’t be America. Have your beliefs. Make decisions about what you want to listen to. Just DO NOT try to force them down our throats.

    And as for the Cigar legislation/taxes versus Censorship issue; the comparison is relevant. The point is the reason both occur is that groups who have their own agenda try to force their view upon others. Heaven forbid adults get to make decisions for themselves. Why in the world would we want free thinkers when it is much easier to have one group like anti-smoking or religious zealots make the decisions for us? If you cannot see how your thinking is narrow minded then I am sorry for you. I have view points, as does everyone else on this site, but I don’t try to make everyone else in the world see or do things my way. Do I always agree with what SR says or does? Nope, but it’s their site, their rules, and either you can accept that or not. Period. I just don’t understand how you get through life if you are so easily offended? In my line of work, I see and hear things far more shocking than this 30 second music clip.

  28. Mike,

    This is the USA and we are a giant melting pot. Some in the melting pot have different views for various reasons, having been influenced by religion, family, geography, education etc.

    Me telling you that I don’t appreciate something, and my asking that that which I don’t appreciate not be repeated, is my right to voice. That is in no way forcing anything down your throat. It’s a simple request. If my request is granted, great. If it isn’t, ok, at least I tried. I’ll choose what I’m going to do thereafter, be it skip that which I don’t like, stop viewing all together or whatever.

    Whether or not my view is narrow is a matter of perspective. In order for a person to no be narrow minded, do they have to keep listen to all points of view but not have theirs heard?

    Eric’s initial request was nothing more than me coming to your house for dinner, finding out that you’re serving steak, and I as a vegetarian ask you to consider not eating meat because the vegan way of life is healthier. You say ‘hell no I’m not giving up my dead cow flesh’, and that’s that. I said my peace, you replied, and now we carry on. I eat the potatoes an veggies and if I choose to not come back to your hose for dinner, so be it. If I decide I don’t ever want to talk to someone who consumes meat, so be it.

    There, it’s done.

    Am I narrow minded because of this?

    I don’t think so.

    Should Jerry stop using whatever music he wants? Hell no. If he chose to avoid potentially offensive music from here on out would that be ok? Hell yes. That’s just it, it’s his choice. If he refused to hear people’s opinions, that’d be a whole different issue.

    Doc’s $.02

  29. Jerry: nice job with your reviews. You’ve nailed the ‘just-one-of-the-guys’ appeal and I look forward to your video reviews. Especially enjoyed this humidor tour.

    Yes, I was surprised by the lyrics. I’m glad you accepted comments with equanimity.

    Eric: I suppose you can find some understanding regarding Irish Mike’s reaction to your stance – particularly after you explained that you wish to have the Catholic Church rule the world. As a member of the group* whose population has been killed by Catholics in larger numbers than by any other aggressor, I wish to lodge my protest against your goals and those who share your goal but call it jihad.

    Certainly you must also have expected someone with “Irish” in their name to react strongly, either for or against your Catholic position.

    Irish Mike: comments are for comments. Without the power to coerce, it ain’t censorship.

    If you drop the terms”facism”, “censorship”, and “unpatriotic” as frequently as our new president says, “um” and “uh”, the words lose their meaning and then their power.

    1) Religion (check)
    2) Politics (check)

    Looks like my work here is done.


  30. That was a fun video to watch Jerry. I love your humidor, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Great idea getting rid of that annoying hygrometer. Who needs that stress and aggravation anyway. Take care.

  31. Doc, in your example it would be rude for you to come to my house and “ask me to consider not eating [or serving] meat.” Especially if I invited 1000 or so other people to dinner at the same time. It’s my house, I invited you to eat dinner, and as a guest you should politely decline to eat the meat, but you don’t ask your host to do anything. You certainly don’t ask your host and the rest of his guests to conform to your diet when your the only one on that diet. Do you see the correlation? Quite simply we are the guests here and I think you can figure out the rest.

    When you go over to Jerry’s house do you (or would you as a polite guest) ask him to stop doing something in his own house? I’m guessing the answer is no. I mean after all its his house and he can do as he damn well pleases.

    But what’s more is that Eric has done more than simply make a request to Jerry. His words were “I was quite appalled” “It is extremely impure and indecent.” “I ask that you please don’t use these type of song in the future.” According to Eric, Jerry’s choice of song was immoral and inappropriate. Don’t believe me re-read his posts. Those are not simply words requesting something. Those are words passing judgment. Passing judgment on those not sharing his same belief. So if you can still defend Eric as not being narrow minded then good on ya. So your “preaching” as you describe it is not really worth two cents.

  32. Hey guys, stogie review isn:t about quarrels,?it is about coming together to share a hobby we all enjoy. We all have our own opinions and lets just respect eachother.
    Lets get back to what cigars are all about…fun!

    Thanks again Jerry for the sweet humidor tour!

  33. Great Tour Jerry! I’m seriously thinking about going hygrometer free due to your video. My hygrometer has brought me alot stress this winter season especially being in michigan. I think I’ve been a bit OCD with checking my humidor’s vtitals because I have been told by several friends and visitors to”Leave that damn box alone” lol Keep the great videos coming (music and all)

  34. I just had to see what the commotion is about… And to tell you the truth, I laughed my ass off at the lyrics of the song! (Particularly where it left off!) Probably not one I’d pick for my lead in, but hey, I’m clearly not the Great Torpedo!

    Man that humidor IS pretty. And your clean up puts me to shame- my humidor is a freakin’ mess. Anyway, you’re not kidding about how rare they are. Nothing like them online that I’ve seen, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled locally. There are ton of shops here in Hotlanta, and many of them sit on humidors for years.

    Kudos for giving all of us a peek at the stash! Maybe if I get my crap together, I’ll do the same one day.

  35. Now that Walt’s SCHIP post has taken the steam away from here I just wanted to comment and say that I appreciate all the comments. I also appreciate everyone voicing their opinions without too much name calling.

    I also want to thank everyone who have contacted me in tracking down a similar humidor. Your leads have been great!

  36. Great episode Jerry, it was nice seeing something a little different. Also a great little bit about the hygrometer. I think we have enough stress and things on our mind, and removing one of the sources can only do us good. I might just do the same so thanks for that tip!

    I thought the music was hilarious, but I had to listen to is a second time because I missed it the first time. Today’s music all sounds the same, annoying, so I automatically tune it out by default.

    I doubt that Jerry even knew about the lyrics in the song, because unfortunately the music sounds just like any other modern rock song so who really pays attention.

    I guess Eric does though. Dude I think you just need to relax a bit and not take things so personally. The guys on this site are doing local and more unknown bands a favor by giving them some exposure. Do you honestly expect them to go through every single lyric and screen every song? That’s just ridiculous considering that so many modern songs have the same exact crap in them. Welcome to the 21st century.

    If you have a complaint about today’s music, why don’t you file it to:

    Modern Musicians @ MTV
    Hollyweed, CA 98765

    Long F’n Ashes!!!

  37. Hi,
    Nice video just wanted to add my 2cents, when you showed the Por Larranaga box, on the back there is also TC printed on the box. It means Tripa Corta (TC) – Short Filler in english.
    Those cigars are made with short filler ie not whole leaves to make the filler.


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