Verdadero Organic (Guest Review)

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Verdadero Organic (Guest Review)

Let’s just start this off by noting that I am a sucker for things labeled “organic”. I know, I know, it’s stupid, but it’s one of those marketing ploys that really works on me. I buy my groceries at Whole Foods and when I saw this cigar, I thought I had to try it. So there it is. On to the review:

Verdadero Organic
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Indonesian Sumatra
Filler: 100% Organic from Granada
Vitola: Toro
Measurement: 6″ x 50

This cigar has been in my humidor since the beginning of September, so it has a good 5 months of age on it. When I bought this from, it was only available in the toro size, but more recently, a torpedo and robusto have been added to the mix. I originally thought the entire cigar was organic, but reading the info today on, it looks like only the filler is 100% organic.

Checking out this cigar, you will notice that it’s not very veiny at all. The wrapper smells sweet and is a little peppery. At the foot, this thing smells entirely of raisins. It’s a beautiful thing and I could smell the foot all day. Unfortunately, the pre-light draw on this thing is tight and it remains that way throughout the smoke.

This is a cigar that does not need to be broken down into thirds as it is incredibly consistent. The flavors are mellow and maybe a bit muted. I detect some nuttiness and tobacco on the pallet. The finish is the nicest part of the smoke as it is a bit fruity and there is a heavy raisin taste left in the mouth.

This is a quick review. There is not much to say about this smoke. Overall, it’s nice and simple. The only drawback to this thing is the tight draw and that aside I would recommend this as a great yard ‘gar. For $5.50, it’s not breaking the bank, but it would be a better deal in your three to four dollar range.

Guest - Verdadero Organic - 1

Guest - Verdadero Organic - 2

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4 thoughts on “Verdadero Organic (Guest Review)

  1. CI sent me a sampler of the Verdaderos when they came out. It was a mild smoke with little to no nuances. I love mild cigars but this one just didn’t really have any taste – almost like smoking air. Thanks for the review . . . I think I was expecting more with the “organic” label.

  2. i think its cool that the make an organic cigar… hmm I wonder if they are organic they will protect you from cancer =P

  3. I got a bunch of these things when I bought twenty Black Dragons. I agree with the review. The stick doesn’t have a lot of subtleties, but it’s a nice noontime smoke with a cup of black coffee when you’ve only got a half hour or so to enjoy a cigar. I doubt if I’ll ever buy any, but they’re pleasant enough and consistent all the way through. Good draw, ash burns evenly and the wrapper stays on the cigar.

  4. Just smoked 2 back to back last night. I concur with all the above reviews. The sweet spot was nice. I smoke till there is only about a 1 inch butt.

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