Interview with Ed Nazare of St. Pete Pipe and Cigar

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Interview with Ed Nazare of St. Pete Pipe and Cigar

This interview came by way of email. Victor, one of our readers, conducted an email interview with our good friend Ed Nazare from St. Pete Pipe and Cigar. Below is the result of that short interview

Victor: When did you start smoking cigars?

Ed: I smoked some cigars about 15 years back, but in 04 full blast

Victor: What was your first cigar?

Ed: A Cohiba Cuban

Victor: Favorite?

Ed: A few Camacho triple maduro, ESV perdomo, tatuaje 2003, anejo Arturo fuente, good enough for now

Victor: What started your interest in cigars?

Ed: My brother, being in the business for 15 years

Victor: When did you decide to open your own business?

Ed: When I got back from Germany in ’04 and had no job, again my brother got my interest

Victor: What influenced you to open a cigar shop, and is St. Pete your first shop?

Ed: Been here for 30 years or so minus 8 in Germany

Victor: With anti tobacco legislation on a near strangle-hold with consumers, do you think cigar smokers will still be able to afford it?

Ed: Yes yes yes

Victor: How has the combination of a rough economy, and anti-tobacco legislation effected your business?

Ed: At the moment, zero

Victor: How have the two factors (i.e. rough economy, legislation) effected you as a cigar smoker?

Ed: So far no effect, but from here on don’t know

Victor: Any advice for new cigar smokers on how to make the most out of their dollar, when it comes to buying cigars?

Ed: Smoke cigars that you like but don’t waste them, smoke your cigars to the very end

enjoying cigars since 2005

5 thoughts on “Interview with Ed Nazare of St. Pete Pipe and Cigar

  1. Ed is the man. I rarley post on here but am always around, have been since 07. But I think Ed is a great guy and I appreciate that the stogie review post’s Tom and Ed’s videos

  2. I do wonder if Ed is in the minority when it comes to being affecting by the economy and the SCHIP Bill. If B & M’s haven’t been affected yet… they will be IMHO

  3. Ed IS the man indeed!

    I think ultimately everyone will be affected by SCHIP combined with the economy. With any luck, Ed’s work ethic will get him through if he does experience a downturn in business. There are a few less fortunate shops in the area. The main factor that separates them from Ed’s shop is… ED!

  4. Ed is sooo cool.

    After watching his story about growing up under socialism, I can really respect his dis-like of SCHIP

  5. Thank you Walt for posting this. I apppreciate the comments from you guys. Maybe I’ll do a cigar review sometime.

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