23 Minutes with Pete Johnson

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23 Minutes with Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson was in the MD/DC area this week doing the tours of three of the local shops in the area. I met up with Pete at W.Curtis Drapers in DC for the 1st Friday event (every 1st Friday of the Month they have someone in the shop for an event). Pete was generous to spend 23 minutes with me and the video camera before it got too crazy and building security (the store is at the bottom of an office building) started complaining about the smell and the smoke.

Pete shares a little more info on the Ambos Mundos, what he’s working on, more info on his Monster Series, plans to take Tatuaje international, what he thinks of the Casa Magna and what Pete wants to do that he hasn’t already. Great stuff if I do say so myself.

Shout out to Pete and the guys at Drapers for being a group of hella cool dudes, to @dcamacho and @doc8466 for feeding me questions, to Jason Alcantara, Barry and everyone else who came out and said wussup.

For a quick and dirty written summary provided by @ChiefHava


24 thoughts on “23 Minutes with Pete Johnson

  1. Freaking Awesome J!

    I love Pete Johnson’s attitude and how he makes great cigars that he is willing to smoke!

  2. Great interview, can’t wait to give his budget line a try.

    Pete seems like a real cool dude, definitely a guy’s guy. I’m not gay, but if I was I have a feeling there would be some sort of a man-crush thing going on over here =)

  3. Awesome interview Jerry! Kind of agree with Bill H with all those little giggles in the background you’d think there was a man crush going on! LOL

    Seriously, awesome interview with some really great information from Pete.

  4. Jerry I think your two interviews with Pete are probably two of the most informative and well done videos you’ve done.

    You should get out there and do more of these interviews. You really do have a way to make people feel comfortable and open up.

    Thanks for the iPhone version!

  5. Turned out great Jerry, good job! As one of the lucky ones who was right there for the day and the interview, the way Pete is so open and honest, that he seems to hold nothing back, is very very refreshing. While it was only part of conversation later and not part of the interview, to listen to him talk about broadleaf as maduro or not maduro, he simply said “it’s broadleaf, leave it at that. We don’t do anything to make it darker like most do, so if you think it’s maduro, fine, if not, fine. It is what it is.”

    And if you remember exactly what he was saying when he mentioned not being able to name a cigar “no bullshit’ so he’s calling it ‘the truth”, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

    Lastly, who else but Jerry could interview a guy who drops the f-bomb so casually? 😀

  6. I don’t understand Pete’s comment about not putting the “Tatuaje” name on the cigar helps keep the price down. What does the name have to do with it? If he wants to lower prices on Tatuaje’s he can do it. I look at Padron, they have cigars at all price points without worrying about the name having to make it higher-priced. I’m confused.

  7. I’ve said it once (more than once ) and I’ll say it again,” anything Pete puts his hands on are simply awesome”—He’s got the touch and knows how to blend some great cigars.Just checked the link–Listening to Pete you can tell its all about the consumer and the love he has for blending great cigars–Simply put an “Awesome BOTL”–Thanks for keeping us in mind Pete!

  8. I think Jerry should negotiate a deal between Sam and Pete so that we can have little Nub shaped Tatuajes to smoke. Come on Great Torpedo I know you can do it.

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