Oliva Serie V Liga Especial (Short Ashes)

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Oliva Serie V Liga Especial (Short Ashes)

Back once again, with taste buds that are still a little out of whack from a bout with allergies, I have for you a short video on the Oliva Serie V Liga Especial. This review was recorded outside in my yard (while seated to prevent dizzy spells as caused by my Camacho Coyolar review). Video runs about 12 minutes.

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Oliva Serie V Liga Especial

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12 thoughts on “Oliva Serie V Liga Especial (Short Ashes)

  1. I have to tell you Walt that right now I’m at the tail end of a head cold and I don’t even think of smoking a cigar until it’s completely gone or the taste is just way off.

  2. Nice review! Allergies suck for sure! I have only smoked one Oliva V and was not that impressed. I have one more seasoning for another shot.

  3. Dude, no need to vent. I just thought it would be nice. Tripod takes about 30 seconds to set up. I follow your Twitter.

  4. Johnny,
    Since you follow my Twitter, I’m sure you already know that Short Ashes are a quick and easy way for me to provide content to the viewers of Stogie Review, without needing to put forth numerous additional hours of work.

    One full length review takes a tremendous amount of time from start to finish. I do not have the time to create two per week and keep up with the remainder of my responsibilities.

    While setting up a tripod may only take 30 seconds, there is alot more to it. I’ve been outside with my dog for these reviews, I don’t want to worry about him knocking it over as I record a three minute clip. Then when finished, I need to knock it down and set it up again for the next segment.

    If I’m going through this trouble, why not just use my HD camera and shotgun mic. If I am going to use my HD camera, why not take photos and add music, see where this is leading…

    Doing these videos quickly looses its appeal when I can’t just bang them out at arms length on a flip cam. The choices become do I do them as easily as possible at arms length outside, or go back to filming inside where I have a dedicated camera on a tripod.

    I like to think that a video with me seated, holding a flip cam at arms length (as in this video) is sufficient enough.


  5. I see what you’re saying. Just thought I’d give you some constructive criticism, but understand why you wouldn’t want to set up a tripod. Have you seen the Gorillapod? http://joby.com/. Might be something cool to try out. That way it could be out of reach of the dog on a tree branch, railing, etc., plus you could get some good close up shots of the cigar a lot easier. Love your reviews, and keep up the good work. By the way, I’m @jbrookeiv on Twitter.

  6. Johnny,
    Constructive criticism is fine, I’m just not having a very good day so far.

    I’ve actually seen the Gorillapod and was thinking about putting an order in for one through amazon. I stopped into a local retail store the other day and wasn’t able to find one, so I may have to order online.

    If I go with the Gorillapod, connecting it to my porch railing, or a tree branch (I have tons of them) would be nice and easy.

    The more convenient the product is for short ashes, the more likely I am to use it.


  7. nice review as always Walt. getting kinda jealous of the weather you are having lately. snowed in western Washington again today. 🙁

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