YQMA – The Quickie Test

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YQMA – The Quickie Test

Well folks, we’re getting closer…while not an “official” YQMA release, I recruited Walt as a guinea pig to try using a combination of software packages to test a split screen version of YQMA.

Walt and I do spend about 16 minutes talking about NUB Cigars, SCHIP and our cigar adventures this summer.

Our hope is that this combination of software will work with three people so we can bring you YQMA in a whole new and easier to edit format. Have no fear, YQMA is nearing a return with me, Walt and Brian “The Mouth of The South” Hewitt.

Leave a comment and let us know if the whole split screen thing works for you guys.


28 thoughts on “YQMA – The Quickie Test

  1. Really looks good, and if it’s easier for you guys to do would like to see it tried with all 3 of you for an official YQMA, but that opening music has to go!! LOL

  2. Looks really good, I like it. Jerry, I noticed that you go out of focus a few time during the video. When I watched on full screen mode when you go out of focus there is a tiny red square flashing in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

  3. Bud – me being out of focus has more to do with the rain. There was a steady mist coming down so the camera kept fogging up.

    The tiny red square maybe an indicator that I was the one recording the two feeds? Not sure…the software was a new toy but I’m glad it turned out so well.

  4. Jerry,
    I saw you go out of focus a couple of times while recording, I had a feeling it was beginning to mist and fog your lens.

    I was very pleased with the final result. With the combination of software packages involved and everything hinging on a Skype video chat, I wasn’t expecting it to go as smoothly as it did.

    Given more positive responses to the video, we will definately have to do this again, even if it is for another quickie.


  5. Jerry, the red square was only there when you are out of focus. I thought maybe it was something in the software giving you an indication that something wasn’t right.

    I still think it turned out very good and I am looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  6. This was an absolutely wonderful event. You’re right. I want to see this all the time now. Especially reviewing a cigar.

  7. I like it, just Walt is a bit jittery. You can really notice it when you go full screen. I guess it is the bandwidth..?? or the software..??

    Other than that – I like it! Would be cool to do a LIVE 3 way YQMA along with a seperate block available for users to “call” in with their webcam and ask a question live 🙂


  8. Mike,
    I’m not sure exactly how the software works, but it may have been pulling Jerry’s video direct from his camera and importing mine from the Skype stream. If that is the case, whoever is at the local machine will have better quality than the person being ported in from the web.

    When we have done joint reviews and YQMA in the past, we all send our local video to a designated person for editing. In turn, this makes for a high quality video stream from each participant.

    Again, I was impressed by the ease of the whole process. I’m anxious to see how it all unfolds with a third person in the mix.


  9. Hey guys i just suscribed but i’ve been watching your

    videos for about a year now you guys honestly do the

    best reviews you guys are awesome and the

    splitscreen was really cool the only thing was Jerry’s

    half of the screen seemed a little bigger

  10. I like it! As Walt pointed out, the cons are with the video/audio quality from the video being imported from the Skype stream. This basically would mean webcam quality video from most of the participants.

    Another con is with the Skype service itself. With common drop out’s and garbled audio, that could be an issue using this system.

    The pro’s are great though. A fraction of editing time would be required. I recently learned what a chore editing multiple video segments can be. I can’t imagine splicing 3 or 4 video streams together. A lot of work obviously.

    If this doesn’t work out for official YQMA episodes, it would be great for joint cigar reviews or quick get togethers for easy video content.

  11. Though i never had a problem with the old way, I did enjoy having the split screen. It was perfect for a split between two people, but not sure how it would be when you add the third person. Keep up the great work!

  12. Looks great guys. We need one of these weekly. Just you guys talking about random things like this.

  13. Nice review. I like these cigars also. I really have nothing to complain about the way you do your videos. As long as the vids are under 15 minutes, I have time to watch them. Good work.

  14. Awesome! I liked it a lot, and hopefully it will significantly cut down on the edit time.
    Three people could work well because with each person in a smaller window you won’t need super high resolution.

  15. hey do those nubs got hot fast? my nub got hot so quick even when i sipped it and it was too hot to finish

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