Rocky Patel Sun Grown

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Rocky Patel Sun Grown

First, let me say, probably not the best video I’ve ever done. Wasn’t really happy with the way it turned out so no bells and whistles.

Its been sometime since I originally review the Rocky Patel Sun Grown and labeled it as one of my “WOW” cigars. Two years later does it still live up to that “WOW” cigar status?

Video runs a close to 11 minutes as I fire up the way back machine and see if the Rocky Patel Sun Grown still WOWs me!


23 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Sun Grown

  1. I like the way back machine review. It’s just a little sad to see it’s not a “wow” cigar for you anymore. Just a question. What cigar do you think will never lose the “wow” factor?

  2. Interesting how cigar tastes seem to constantly change. I guess it is because of all the enw blends coming out all the time. Wayback machine was hilarious..LOL – do la do do do la do do..LOL


  3. Hi Jerry, thanks for the review! I love the RP Sungrown…especially in the Torpedo size.

    Do you have any experience with the CI RP Sungrown “2nds”? I think they are about $45 for a mazo of 15.

  4. I love the RPSG, its been a while since I’ve had one tho.
    I used to keep a regular supply, getting a weekly 5er off of the devil site. But since prices have been going up (and going up more because Rocky just raised his prices) I’ve been hard pressed to get any as of late.

    Great review Jerry… these videos are starting to work like commercials to me… (not in a commercial/sellout way) after each review, I have an unyielding urge to smoke the cigar you just reviewed… except the Kuckle… of course.

  5. I have to agree Jerry. The RP Sun Grown is one that Rocky got right. After all this time it’s one of the only from the original line I still like … that and the Vintage 1999.

  6. First I have to say, nice Mx3 cap from W Curtis Draper’s. Mine came a couple of days after my sticks. Sure glad I picked those up.

    Anyway, another nice review. You’re ‘way back’ machine is going to inspire me to look back at some smokes from a year or so ago. It really is interesting how our tastes can change.

    I think I’ve only had a couple of Sun Grown’s. My brother enjoys the Olde World Reserve so I’ve had more of those with him. But I don’t recall anything poor about the Sun Grown, so I’d certainly have it again someday.

    Thanks for the review.

  7. That video from the way back machine with the black background really shows off that “Great Torpedo”. I do like the RPSG but I agree with it not being a “Wow” cigar. But I do like them from time to time, I do think it is a good $5 cigar.

  8. I enjoy the Sungrown as well. I purchased 5 some time ago and the first cigar wasn’t all that enjoyable for me, but the subsequent cigars were a lot better. As far as the weather in Germantown, you need to move to Florida. From your reviews from Orlando this seems to be your type of area.

  9. Hi Jerry,

    Nice review. I too like the SG. By the way, you need to move to Florida. Judging by the way you dug Orlando, this is the place for you.

  10. Nice review Jerry! I have a box + of RP Sun Grown Toros and a couple of the torpedoss, I agree that they’re not a “wow” cigar but are a reliable and flavorful go-to cigar that has yet to let me down. As far as the wrappers of the RP Sun Grown and the VSG, I know that they are both Ecuadorian but the RP has a “rosado” wrapper. Not quite sure what the VSG has but it is a “proprietary wrapper leaf grown on the Oliva farm exclusively for Ashton VSG”. Long f’ing ashes to you too buddy, keep up the great work.

  11. I agree with you Jerry. Not a wow cigar but a good solid cigar. I’m always surprised when I go back to it about how good it is. It’s one of those I forget about but basically I like most RP cigars.

  12. Jerry I have had the identical experiance with the RP Sun Grown as you. I fell in and out of love with them as I tried other cigars. Viaje, El Centurion, and Padilla Miami just to name a few have nocked the Rp Sun Grown out of the box.

  13. Nice Review the RP Sun Grown is a good cigar just not a good value at its current price IMO. Not box worthy 4 me grab a single every now and then and let my B & M stock em for me.

  14. Great review Jerry. When I saw you were doing the review I got all excited to smoke on again as I haven’t in well over a year. Well, as I went to the humi I remembered that I gave my only remaining one away last week. Doh.

    Oliva SerieV, just keep checking joecigar, they come up at least once a month and for pretty cheap, about $3 as stick.

  15. I love the Sun Grown. It is Rocky’s version of the Cohiba XV, exact same tobacco and at a MUCH better price. You can pick these up at $5 a stick any day of the week from pretty much any online cigar store. If you’ve never tried one, its worth money.

  16. Great as always, Jerry! Have you tried the lancero version of the RP Sungrown? I’ve been very curious about those since I have been getting into lanceros lately.

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