Nub Gets New Rolling Tables

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Nub Gets New Rolling Tables

Nub Rolling Table - 1

If you recall, last year I did a three part series on the birth of a rolling table, so I wont bore you with how the original two tables came to be. Several weeks ago I got a call from Sam Leccia, of Nub Cigar, asking me if I knew anyone that could make him four rolling tables for the upcoming Nub Live tour.

I gave it a little thought and was contemplating referring him to an old employer, and friend of mine, or another friend that I used to work with in the cabinet business. Knowing the lead time on the tables might have been a little tight for both individuals, I asked Sam what he was looking for.

He went on to tell me that the table from last year was fantastic but was not cost effective to ship across the country. This time he needed something that would break down and fit into a standard size shipping carton that UPS could easily deliver and he needed them fairly soon.

With the size being the only major hurdle in the design, I spoke with my father and we thought that we could get Sam his tables in the time frame he was looking for. We worked together on a design that would be large enough for Sam to work on while being small enough to fit within a shipping container.

Nub Rolling Table - 2

The initial problem came when Sam wanted to use a typical shirt box that could be picked up at any shipping facility (roughly 16×24 and shallow). Not comfortable with that size and the stability it would have, I asked if we could potentially use the Tobacalara Oliva boxes that get shipped in to shops for events. Knowing that a box could easily be replaced if damaged (and picked up at practically any B&M receiving an Oliva shipment), I got the green light on the size.

The design of the table is very similar to the second table that we built for Sam, except that it breaks down differently and has a slightly redesigned upper section. Because of the small footprint, we needed to give Sam as much room as possible, so we shortened the uprights to prevent them from getting in the way. A stainless steel cutting surface was applied to the top for convenience (no longer required one be brought to the event).

The lower section was different in that the legs were made to break apart into two pieces. By simply spinning the legs, they will unthread and separate. The finish this time around was distressed rather than crackle so that any dings created on the road would blend in to the beaten and battered finish.

Two of the tables were shipped a couple of weeks ago and I completely forgot to take pictures. The bases were painted, just like the ones shown, with exception that there was a red base and an antique white base. The upper sections of the first two tables were made of Mahogany while the ones pictured are Maple.

Nub Rolling Table - 3

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16 thoughts on “Nub Gets New Rolling Tables

  1. Very nice walt. Would be interesting to see a pic of them broken down and maybe one of them fitting in the shipping box.

  2. Very nice… I did not realize you were so talented working the wood. Now we all know you are more than just a beer & cigar expert! We should have a PBS show like New Yankee workshop only it will feature Walt working in the shop doing a combo cigar review wood project!

  3. Dave,
    I completely forgot to sign those tables until I was typing up this article last night, then it dawned on me. Sam seemed very happy with the tables, I’m sure he will be telling everyone who made them, just like with the last table.

    The legs unscrew and break into two separate pieces. If you take a look at the photo, it would break between the large flat section at the top and the first ball in the profile.

    Sam will have to snap those pictures, the only ones I have are the ones shown. Because the tables were very similar to the ones I did last year, I didn’t bother taking pictures during construction.

    I forgot to get pictures of the Mahogany pair and snapped a few of these tables last minute. I wanted to take more but the rainy weather made it difficult so I got what I could and sent them off.

    If I can remember, I’ll take some video of Sam breaking down one of the tables at Cigargest next month.

  4. see if it would be cool if we SRFF members can sign the underside, if we happen to see it at an event?


  5. Wow, nice work Walt! Have you made humidors? Maybe you can make custom Nub cabinet humidors as well.

  6. 858 Nick is on to something. It would be cool to see how many SRFF members could get signatures onto the tables.

  7. Very cool. I was at the Nub Live kickoff event in Nashville a couple weeks ago. Was that one of the first two tables that he had there? I was curious as to how they got that from event to event, especially when there are so many events coming up this year. Thanks for sharing the inside story.

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