Illusione eccj

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  1. It’s nice to have a review from to at the same time .I have just come home from 12 our night shift so i nearly fell a sleep her , i have to se the rest wen i get out off bed in a couple of ours .

    Good night(day)

  2. I really enjoy having this split review. I enjoy the Illusione cigars and haven’t seen this one around here yet but I’ll keep looking because you guys make them seem pretty tasty.

  3. Hi. guys…ok, this is going to be my last comment for a few days…starting to bore myself. Just wanted to say nice job guys, really enjoyed the review. If I can make a suggestion? How about a doing a video chat while drinking? That would be entertaining. Anyway, thanks guys…Hey…NO PRIZE FOR COMMENTS?…Cheap Bastards…Hope That bill h guy won the last one. God bless.

  4. I really like the dual reviews and cant wait to see the 3-way!!

    I doubt if I will ever see any of these cigars locally, but maybe if we ever go on a vacation I might get a selection 🙂


  5. Ok… just to point out a couple things…

    two dudes talking about a “Sweet-Creamy feel in their mouths”, along with nuts…
    If that continues I’m going to have to discourage the “3-way” as Mike put it…..

    That aside… excellent video guys! Can’t wait to see the next YQMA

  6. Wow, memo to myself, buy a better microphone. LOL Aside from Skype glitching occasionally, and my heinous sound quality, it looks like this little experiment was a success!

  7. I like the split screen format. Nice review. Fun video.

    Will need to buy an ECCJ at my local B & M and smoke one of these $9 bad boys.

    Hopefully I will win the 15 pack the Torpedo is giving away!

  8. Great review guys. I’m a fan of Ilussines, especially the MK. But I love the Cruzado, especially the Marelas. Absolutely fantastic smoke. Hope you guys do more reviews like this.

  9. what the hell. two Hewitt vids in one week…. I think I just saw the Devil lacing up his ice skates. LOL I love the split screen action and hope to see more in the future.

  10. Hey guys,
    Great review. Really like the split screen. I think it should be a staple for further reviews! It’s a lot easier to follow your conversations this way. As far as SCHIP pricing. I shop at a JRs frequently and suffered their new price change. But, they are taking most of their inventory and making them 5-packs. Apparently it saves them on stocking fees. Gotta say, the 5-packs are on sale, very good pricing on them.

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