Pre Cigar Fest

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Pre Cigar Fest

After an evening of pre Cigar Fest activities, Charlie, Chris, Dennis, Walt and myself went back to the hotel and filmed this entertaining piece of work:


13 thoughts on “Pre Cigar Fest

  1. Funny film. Hey Jerry, nice beard. If you can’t grow hair on top, you might as well do the face.

  2. Hi Jerry,

    First, like Pepin I don’t speak very good the english …but, he speaks really good with his hands, right ?

    I just finished watching this video & i like it, I like it because it’s realistic …not fake statements ,the guys talk without any restrictions and try to resume in a funny way the Cigar Fest 09.

    Take Care Jerry.


  3. Great video, wish I could be there and someday 🙂 Down with Drew Estates, their cigars suck anyway.

  4. It seems silly for any manufacturer to slam SR reviews as I am quite sure that the members bring enough buying power to the cigar world to make a difference. (A perfect example would be how Drapers noticed a spike their MX3 sales after Jerry did a review.)

    I will buy and try almost any cigar that Brian, Jerry or Walt like and think its worth a smoke.

    Drew estates should eat some crow and come back and apologize. Maybe even send the SR crew a box of Liga Privada #9’s as a peace offering.

  5. Hey Guys,

    Yeah I was watching just a bit late……..Sorry I couldn’t make the event this year. At the time, it is still a bit big for my company to handle. This is also why I am not doing the Famous event. I just did my first Big Smoke in Connecticut and that was small enough to handle. Thank god I had good friends helping me out. Truthfully, i prefer the smaller events where I can hang out with everyone and bullshit for hours instead of here’s your freebie and thanks for coming……
    The video was funny as hell. Next time I want to be invited to chill. I even hold the camera. Shit maybe I’ll skip it again and buy a ticket to CI Fest and roll through it with you guys next year…..


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