Pete Johnson to box with Tim Carr

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Pete Johnson to box with Tim Carr

Cigar Fight with Tim Carr and Pete Johnson

Not too long ago I started hearing rumors that Pete Johnson was to attend the Famous Smoke Shop Cigar Expo but was being pressured by another retailer to not attend. As the rumor circulated, the final word was that Pete had made the decision to pass on the event. After that things went quiet until this morning.

While looking through my tweets, I saw a message from Hayward that there was some sort of verbal dispute between Famous Smoke Shop Store Manager, Tim Carr, and Pete Johnson, over the air on the Lehigh Valley’s ESPN radio station. By the end of the dispute (which I didn’t get to listen to) Tim Carr challenged Pete to a boxing match as an addition to the Expo events.

It was later confirmed from a press release sent to me by Gary Korb of Famous Smoke Shop. Press Release:

An ongoing verbal dispute between Famous Smoke Shop ( retail store manager Tim Carr and Pete Johnson, creator of Tatuaje Cigars, has led to a boxing match in which the two cigar men are scheduled to settle their differences on Friday, June 26th. Being promoted as “Cigar Fight” (, the bout was arranged on Friday, May 1, when Messrs. Carr and Johnson exchanged words over the air during Famous Smoke Shop’s weekly Happy Hour, which is broadcast over ESPN Radio of the Lehigh Valley. The controversy started when one of Famous Smoke Shop competitors allegedly pressured Mr. Johnson into changing his mind about appearing at Famous Smoke Shop’s Cigar Expo 2009 (

So it seems that in addition to Cigars, Food, and Drink, Cigar Expo goers will be able to catch a boxing match as well. PR Stunt or not, this looks like it could turn into something very interesting if both fighters are planning on taking the fight seriously. For more information, take a peak at the Cigar Fight website.

What are your thoughts
on the boxing match?

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33 thoughts on “Pete Johnson to box with Tim Carr

  1. The Full Press Release

    Battle Royale heats-up between Famous Smoke Shop and Pete Johnson

    Cigar store manager will fight Tatuaje cigars creator to settle score on Cigar Expo matter in June

    EASTON, PA — May 8, 2009 — Cigar stores may sometimes have problems with their suppliers, but a verbal dispute between Famous Smoke Shop retail store manager Tim Carr and Pete (Tatuaje Cigars) Johnson is now headed for full-fledged fisticuffs. The two cigar men are scheduled to settle their differences on Friday, June 26th.

    It all started on February 7th, 2009, when Pete Johnson appeared at his first Famous Smoke Shop in-store event.

    “The store was filled to capacity and we were having a banner sales day,” said Tim. “That’s when I asked Pete to be one of the featured vendors at our Famous Cigar Expo in June, and he readily accepted.”

    Several weeks later, Pete called Famous Smoke Shop’s Humberto Gonzalez to tell him that he wouldn’t be able to attend the Expo.

    “When I pressed him as to why, Pete admitted that one of Famous’ competitors ‘persuaded’ him not to participate,” said Gonzalez. “I reminded Pete that he had a handshake agreement with Tim, and tried to convince him otherwise, but he wouldn’t budge. Then when I told Tim about the conversation, he was really teed-off that Pete hadn’t called him personally.”

    After that, Tim made several unsuccessful attempts to call Pete.

    “When I finally got through to him, the conversation was pretty heated,” said Tim. “I told him he wasn’t sticking to his word, like a man. That must have gotten his feathers pretty ruffled, because then he hung up on me.”

    At the end of March, Tim flew to Miami to meet with Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars. He told Christian about Pete backing out of the Expo and the argument, and Christian offered to support Tim in any way he could.

    Soon, word of Tim’s conversation with Christian got back to Pete, making him furious. The two men took their dispute public on Friday, May 1, by calling each other out over the airwaves during Famous Smoke Shop’s weekly Happy Hour, which is broadcast live on ESPN Radio of the Lehigh Valley. The result was that Famous Smoke Shop and Tatuaje Cigars would settle their differences in the ring with a boxing match that will take place at Famous Smoke Shop’s headquarters in Easton, PA. on Friday, June 26th.

    For more information visit

  2. ahahahah, hmmm, wonder what competitor of Famous caused this ruccus? Pretty funny and great advertising for the both of them. Wonder if it’s staged?

  3. Sounds ridiculous to me. Reminds me of the Andy Kauffman / Jerry Lawler stuff. Publicity stunt???

  4. I agree TimD. Which would be cool if they did that out of respect to Andy Kaufman. But which one will claim to be the womens boxing champion and would they have the guts to box her?

  5. I think it’s moronic, 8th-grade BS. But maybe it’ll help sell cigars to moronic 8th graders. Kinda makes me want to take up smoking a pipe.

  6. Famous just secured their spot on my “will never buy from” list with this crap. Pete, I forgive you because me love you long time.

  7. WTF??? Why is Camacho Cigars sponsoring this event. Its between famou and pete. I realize that Christian said he would support in anyway but I think camacho looks like an sshat here.

  8. After looking at the website, I think this is a GREAT idea!!!! Cigars and boxing are old friends. This is a wonderful idea. Did you check out what cigars you get for watching the bout?

    – Two cigars (one La Riqueza from Tatuaje and one Camacho Triple Maduro)

    This is a true old school event and I think it’s a great idea 🙂

  9. If there was ever a perfect example of why the modern cigar industry in the US leaves such a bad taste in my mouth…this is it. Please people…Don’t buy into this crap.

  10. Sounds stupid to me . . . and celebrity (if you can call this a celebrity event) fights are so worthwhile – almost better than the professional fights. What a waste and a stupid way to promote the industry. I’ll pass . . .

  11. Whatever happened to Cigars being about tradition and cultural identity? What about the allure of a product of art made completely by hand? For those cigar companies who have literally dedicated their lives to being an artisan of fine hand made products, this seems like a kick in the balls. Don’t get me wrong, I like Tatuaje Cigars and Famous Smoke Shop, but this is turning into the Hollywood B.S. we get everyday in the tabloids. IMHO, a very poor decision on all parties.

  12. I think people are over reacting quite a bit here. Once again people get to watch a fight and smoke a cigar like the old days.
    I think its pretty cool. Pete’s gonna knock that scrawny dude out.


  14. Because these two guys are likely untrained amateurs. It won’t be that good of a match.


  15. Hey Guys,

    I wanted to jump in and let you know I also think this is stupid. It’s silly marketing for Famous but I thought it was funny enough to play along. I hold the largest sales day record for Famous and Tim was upset when I told him I wasn’t gonna make the event. So, he came up with this boxing thing. Like the press release said, I did have to pass on the event but it had nothing to do with another retailer persuading me not to. After reading the press release, I actually got upset and thought about canceling. I would love to get your opinions.

  16. Thanks for the input, Pete. Hope the event works out well for you! The press release made it seem like this was a legit ‘let’s settle this in the ring’ thing.

    If this is simply a comical/fun idea then I see nothing wrong with it. Truthfully, looking at the website and the way it’s presented I’d say that’s the case. But the press release had me fooled.

  17. I wouldn’t pass Pete. It’s clearly a marketing show and like I said, boxing and cigars go hand in hand. Since you both were going to be signing tee shirts afterwards, it was clearly not a grudge match as it’s portrayed.

    While it may be a tad over the top, as long as it’s fun. People take things too seriously in my opinion. But hey, I used to spar a lot and think it’s fun. So what do I know.

  18. Pass on it Pete, be the better man, take the high road. Its a stupid stunt and I think the community would have more respect for you if you backed out. I’ve met you in person when you came to Dallas not long ago and this really seems beneath you.

  19. Would make for an interesting PPV. Especially if it included a box of Tatuaje’s with your purchase of the fight card!

    Pete if you are pissed and think you can take him sounds like a nice chance to pound some sense into him. Might want to get some MMA guys to get you ready to rumble!

  20. Dear Mr Johnson, if you want to make cigars then be a cigar maker. If you want to be a clown then join a circus. Goodnight and God bless.

  21. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the input and opinions. I decided to go through with the fight which is going to be a friendly exhibition. This is silly marketing and I get it but we just came to an agreement that a grip of cash would be going to a good cause, prostate cancer.
    Thanks again for your help.


  22. Wish I could be there Pete. Sounds like a great event and for a man friendly worthy cause to boot 🙂

  23. Update:

    If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch
    First, the bad news: Tim Carr is no longer a Famous Smoke Shop employee, so the “Tim vs. Pete Johnson” fight is off. Was he terrified of getting his clock cleaned by an MMA-trained cigar ninja? I can’t say, ’cause I don’t know.

    But what I DO know is that former heavyweight champ Larry Holmes, Pete Johnson, and Christian Eiroa all stepped up big-time. Larry has arranged for 3 exhibition bouts featuring boxers from his very own Larry Holmes Training Center. Each card will go (3) 2-minute rounds.

    Christian & Pete have each TRIPLED the number of cigars VIP and CigarFight ticketholders will receive. Instead of 2 cigars, you now get 6 (Camacho CT vs. Cabaiguan, El Legend-Ario vs. La Riqueza, and Camacho Triple Maduro vs. Tatuaje Havana VI), plus a T-shirt.

    Tickets are still just $30 – buy yours now, before it’s too late, or go all in with a
    Cigar Expo VIP ticket!


    Good job Pete for keeping the contest alive but sounds like Tim separated ways. Nice job on getting the legend Larry Holmes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love the Camacho vs Tatuaje line up as well. Wish I could be there 🙁

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