Fridays Pre-Cigarfest 2009 Rambling

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Fridays Pre-Cigarfest 2009 Rambling

After Cigarfest 2009 was finished and I got a good nights sleep in my own bed, I thought I would recap the event by putting together a video of me rambling about a little behind the scenes stuff. Some of the discussion was already covered in the Pre Cigarfest video that @dcamacho, @tight_ash, @mountchuck, @jcruz, and I did, but I just felt like talking to the camera and this is what came of it.

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3 thoughts on “Fridays Pre-Cigarfest 2009 Rambling

  1. Stories of the journey are almost always more fun than the actual event themselves 🙂 Thanx for Part 1 of the inner Walt and friends videos.


  2. cant help but notice, you puffed on the stick while lighting. why the change? cigar fest was awsome and even better that i live rite by it!

  3. Tim,
    I don’t know, I didn’t realize I did it until I watched the edited video. Might have been that I was less focused on the cigar and more concerned with telling the story.

    Part 2 is a bit longer and should be up sometime this weekend. Has a little more story in it.


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