NUB Coverage

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NUB Coverage

Concluding our coverage of Cigar Fest 2009, here is some footage from the NUB booth. You can see Sam Leccia rolling a NUB Maduro including patching a wrapper, some fans presenting Sam with a wood carving and Sam rewarding them with a few NUB cigars that you can’t buy and carry his own personal label.


8 thoughts on “NUB Coverage

  1. Great video. I have a question. Does the main body of the cigar come preconstructed by machine and then the wrapper is hand rolled?

  2. So that is the correct way to patch a cigar! Cool.

    Didn’t I see that rolling table at IKEA? 😉

    Looks like you boys had a good time.

  3. That’s Great stuff!
    Really enjoy watching these video’s.Show you that this is really a Brotherhood!

  4. Gene,

    Nothing is made by machine. I either make the pre-bunched and binded cigars prior to my events or I have them made in Nicaragua. The bunching and binding is all done by hand, but they need to stay in a mold for about an hour. To save time and to get more people fresh rolled cigars, I have this step done ahead of time. They are wrapped in paper to keep their shape.

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