Dona Flor Selecao (Guest Review)

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Dona Flor Selecao (Guest Review)

The Tom and Ed show is back once again for another cigar review. This time the guys take on the Dona Flor Selecao cigar.

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11 thoughts on “Dona Flor Selecao (Guest Review)

  1. Great review as always from Tom and Ed! I need to get my hands on some Dona Flor cigars one of these days. Great blooper real Tom! 🙂

  2. Great Review Guys! I’ll definitely be ordering a five pack of these before the end of the week. Does anyone know exactly when Dona Flor started adding the foot band with the serial number?

  3. Oh I forgot to also ask if they were two different selecao cigars offered by each manufacturer?

  4. Woot! Great lookin’ shirt Tom, where’d ya get that thing? LOL

    Thanks for clearing up the whole Dona Flor situation guys. Well, as much as it can be cleared up anyway. I know some of the shops in my area carry the cigars that are coming directly out of Brazil. I’ll keep my eyes out for these so I can finally smoke one of those Selecaos.

    Loved the “Tom-eye for the Ed guy” at the end!

  5. Very enjoyable review gentlemen. I have to get over to St. Pete and visit you Ed. I live up in New Port Richey, so I’ll try and double up on some other visit in the near future. Maybe the Alec Bradley event.

  6. All – Glad you enjoyed the review!

    Alex – I’m not sure, maybe I can get Ed to chime in on that one.

    Brian – Pimping SR shirts, you can never go wrong!

    Gene – Come on down for a smoke. We usually gather on Friday nights around 4-5PM till about 7pm

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