J. Fuego Delirium – Minuto (Short Ashes)

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J. Fuego Delirium – Minuto (Short Ashes)

A couple of weeks ago I stopped into my local shop, just like I do every Friday, and came across some new stock. It seems that before Cigarfest got underway, Jesus Fuego was making the rounds to some of the shops in PA. While visiting my local shop, the owner sampled a few cigars and had a chance to speak with Jesus. In the end, the J. Fuego Delirium and 777 were added to the shops arsenal.

It had been a while since I last smoked a Delirium, so I picked up a couple of sticks and this video was a direct result. The reviews runs about thirteen minutes and covers the Minuto vitola.

Check out the original review of the
J. Fuego Delirium

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3 thoughts on “J. Fuego Delirium – Minuto (Short Ashes)

  1. Walt, I am in love with these cigars too. Great review. It’s nice to see this cigar getting some publicity, because, in my opinion, it is fantastic! I can’t wait to try the 777.

  2. Great quick review Walt, thanks as always! Will pick up a few of these when I have the chance! (^_^)b

  3. Walt, liked your review of the Delerium. I have to say that these are really becoming a favorite of mine. I am still partial to the Corojo #1, but the Delerium is right there with it! Good stuff man!


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