Xikar HC Series – Habano Colorado

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Xikar HC Series – Habano Colorado

Xikar HC Series Habano Colorado

You minus well start dialing your B&M’s phone number to see if they have these. The new HC Series from Xikar is the new name for their Defiance cigars. Not only a new name but an expanded line up that includes a cigar for practically any time of day. While I’m not usually drawn to full bodied cigars, this little firecracker known as the Habano Colorado has started to carve out a little piece of my heart these days.

Video runs around 12 minutes and I also take some time in the beginning to give a shout out to Chuck Colbourne in Fayetteville NC. You see, one of Chuck’s friends sent me the following e-mail:

Thank you guys for making me a cigar geek. My supervisor at work and I have really enjoyed your reviews and learning about cigars. Here’s my request:
I am in the army and my supervisor has been through a lot recently. He just lost his brother to cancer suddenly and honestly, our time over cigars has tremendously helped him cope I believe. Jerry, my boss has always liked your reviews and it would mean the world to him if you could send a “shout out” in a video. His name is Chuck Colbourne in Fayetteville, NC. Thanks guys.

Dealing with a loss of any kind is always tough and if I can help by playing a song and giving a shout out in a video then I’m happy to do so. I’ve said it time and time again, the cigar community is filled with some of the best and most caring people.


16 thoughts on “Xikar HC Series – Habano Colorado

  1. Well i would like to try one of these soon. Great review. Also, could anyone fill me in on what B&M stands for? thanks.

  2. Great review Jerry, gotta see if I can pick a few up when i’m in Orlando. No “Thats what she said”? You know you wanted to say it after you said “penetration” you laughed

    Chuck – As a fellow BOTL I’m sorry for your loss

    Kyle – B&M stands for Brick and Mortar, it refers to your local cigar shop, somewhere you actually go to buy your cigars rather then order online.

  3. heh, heh…he said “penetration.” 🙂

    Great review, Jerry. I had heard varying reports about what was happening to the Defiance (that it was being discontinued, that it was being replaced by the HC, etc.), but nothing definitive, even from Xikar, which seems to be still keeping websites for both brands and not having any cross-mention of the other brands on either one. IMO, the Defiance is one of the best medium-bodied cigars out there and I’m glad to see that it will live on as the HC Criollo (although I think the name Defiance is much better than “HC” which makes it sound like they’re trying to be a luxury-car brand). Looking forward to getting my hands on the fuller-bodied and the milder-bodied versions soon.

  4. Jerry. Thanks for the great review! I am very happy that you enjoyed the Habano Colorado! FYI, Cigar Insider did a vertical rating on the Colorado line a few weeks back and the Robusto and Belicoso received 92 ratings, the Churchill a 91 and the Lonsdale a 90 with the entire line rated over 90. We are gaining ground on distribution and more stores are being added weekly. I would suggest that your members check out the web site for our event schedule. We being very aggressive doing events to allow as many smokers as possible the opportunity to try the cigars! I can’t wait to see the reviews on the CT Shade and Criollo. Regards, Jerry Dear, Executive VP Sales & Marketing, XIKAR.

    1. Jerry, had a few of your cigs and think they are outstanding. ordering a box tonight via my web source.


  5. Just did an event at Cordova in Penscola and Reel Smokers in Deefrield beach last week, and have an event at Sabor Havana in Doral on Friday of this week. We have presented the cigars to Corona but they have not accepted yet. Hopefully soon! Thanks!

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    Spit it out. Do you approve it or not?!

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