Ambos Mundos Habano (Guest Review)

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Ambos Mundos Habano (Guest Review)

This review comes courtesy of Chris (aka schedel) from the
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Cigar: Ambos Mundos Habano Toro
Vitola: 6 x 50 Toro
Filler: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Price: $4.50-$6.00 depending on place of purchase.

Pre-light Appearance and such:
Released in February 2009, Pete Johnson created the Ambos Mundos blend to appeal to the masses hurt by the current economic woe. Unlike the other Tatuaje brands the Ambos Mundos is using B and C grade tobaccos. These bales are from the same plants, farms and soils as the regular Tatuaje tobacco but they do not look as fine and may need additional fermentation. The Ambos Mundos is a great option for those looking to save money or who want Tatuaje flavor but do not mind letting their cigars age a little first. These Nicaraguan cigars are available in two sizes, Robusto and Toro. The two wrappers available for the Ambos Mundos are Nicaraguan Habano and Ecuadorian Sumatra. So, this cigar, the Habano Toro, has a medium brown wrapper that is slightly coarse to the touch with lots of small veins and a nice triple cap. The wrapper looks a little loose, and isn’t very seamlessly wrapped: I am a little worried it may come loose and unravel a little bit. The pre-light aroma is of hay and spice. The pre-light draw is great, with a taste of spice at the head.

Guest - Ambos Mundos Habano - 1

First Third
The first third of the cigar lit very easily and quick, and shows a really good draw that produces lots and lots of smoke. The burn in this third is mostly even, with a small thin black burn line. The ash on the cigar is a very light gray to white tone, is very compact, but didn’t hold too long. The very first draw had a slight earthy note to it with a subtle spice on the finish. After a minute or so into the first third, the spice really picks up, but as I continue into the third, the spice begins to fluctuate a lot. Also, the earth note becomes very rich with a coffee tone, which is all complimented by the spice. In this third, the flavors aren’t overly complex, but very pleasant. The body so far is medium.

Guest - Ambos Mundos Habano - 2

Second Third
As I get into the second third, the draw is still really great, and the burn is still mostly even with a small thin burn line. The ash is still white and very compact. The flavors are still mostly earthy and spicy. A taste of dry toastiness comes in a little bit onto the coffee flavor. In this third, the Rich Earthiness drops a touch and the spice picks up quite a bit from the first third. While a very full and strong spice, it wasn’t harsh or bitter in any way. The finish is a strong and pleasant coffee flavor. The body is now in the high range of medium.

Guest - Ambos Mundos Habano - 3

Final Third:
In the final third, the draw is still very good, and the burn is still mostly even and thin. The ash is also still a very light gray to white tone and pretty compact. The flavors are still very earthy with a bit of toast mixed in there. The spice is still pretty heavy, but well within a comfortable range. And into this third, the coffee flavor has picked up quite a bit. As I got close to the end of the cigar, the spice turned into a fairly bitter and harsh flavor, but after paying only $4.50, I had no problem putting the cigar down. The body of this stick finished in the high end of medium.

Guest - Ambos Mundos Habano - 4

Final thoughts:
I have to say, that this is probably one of my favorite cigars by Pete Johnson. It isn’t overly complex, but for the price, you get a little more than you pay for. Considering the price points on most his other lines, this is definitely a better buy than any of his others, besides the Tatuaje Series P. Although I really kind of enjoyed this simple earthy cigar, I would rather go for an Oliva Serie O Habano Puro for about the same price. This is definitely better, in my opinion, than the Ambos Mundos Sumatra, but not really something I would make a point o buy a bunch of. I did like it though.

Like it: Yes
Smoke it again: Maybe, depends on my mood as well as my stock of Oliva Serie O’s
Recommend it: Definitely. I say grab a couple of each of the Habano and Sumatra and have field day! A very good price for the type of smoke you get here.

Guest - Ambos Mundos Habano - 5

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4 thoughts on “Ambos Mundos Habano (Guest Review)

  1. Nice review, Chris. I’ve had the Sumatra wrapped version and have been ignoring this version past few times at The Hav. I’ll have to pick one of these up when I head over there Wednesday night.

  2. Nice review! I have liked both of the Ambos Mundos lines so far! I have only smoked about 3 of each since they are not found real local to me 🙁 I will pick some more up when I get to Maryland at Th Humidour again!

    I like these better than the Tat P


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