Nosotros by Illusione

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Nosotros by Illusione

Nosotros by Illusione

Lets see if I can get this right this time around without…you know…infringing on someone’s copyright or privileged working documents and all. I’m sure I’m on some Secret Service watchlist already, I don’t need to be on some publications watch list too. LOL.

For some time on Twitter, Dion Giolito (maker of Illusione, Cruzado and Cuchillos Cubanos) has been hinting about a new cigar in the works. The interesting part was he would always use words like “we” and “us” giving the impression that he was teaming up with another cigar maker. Well, the mystery is finally over. According to Cigar Insider, Dion is teaming up with Jonathan Drew of Drew Estates to create a new cigar under the Illusione brand called Nosotros.

We’ve heard that Nosotros will make a limited debut at the 2009 IPCPR in New Orleans with about 100 boxes and become more widely available in September 2009 (thanks @nyisles). Nosotros will be available in a total of 8 sizes with ring gauges from 46-60 and retail for around $7.95 – $12.95

A few weeks ago, Dion sent me a pair of mystery cigars asking for my opinion and impression of it. I can confirm that the mystery cigar, in the video below, is indeed the Nosotros:

I remember, after smoking the smaller ring gauged of the two he sent, having the following tweet conversation:



Also, in Cigar Insider, Jonathan Drew said he set up a “micro-factory” within his factory with the sole purpose of rolling the Nosotros. Thanks to Dion for providing the following photos of the “micro-factory”:





10 thoughts on “Nosotros by Illusione

  1. This is very cool information! I’ve enjoyed all of Dion’s cigars and I love the non-infused DE smokes, the Liga Privada #9 is one of my favorites. It will be very interesting to see what these two guys come up with.

  2. Now that really does sound interesting! Dion and Drew working together sounds like a great eclectic mix of talent. I think this has the foundation of something really cool and I am really looking forward to trying a Nosotros when they are available! Awesome! Thanks for the great scoop guys!


  3. Glad to see some cigar news showing up here and for one of my favorite brands. Keep up the good work guys!

    Matt M.

  4. I’m excited about this. Dion has had some great sticks made, and the Drew Estates crowd will hopefully latch onto these. It’d be a nice change of pace from Jon Drew regardless. Hopefully these turn out to be pretty good!

  5. Definitely looking forward to this masterpiece. I have heard the Nosotros referred to as an “Opus X Killer”… Great stuff guys – cant’ wait for these to hit the shop.

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