Heavenly Cigars Releases an Un-Flavored Cigar

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Heavenly Cigars Releases an Un-Flavored Cigar

Just as you would expect, with the IPCPR Trade Show right around the corner, news of new cigars has been popping up all over. Just like the press released from EO Brands, I recently received one from the people who represent Heather Phillips and Heavenly Cigars.

While at the Famous Cigar Expo, Brian and I got to talking to Heather. We decided that we were going to claim squatters rights on an abandoned manufacturer table and chairs to take a much needed break after the dinner buffet was opened. While resting up and catching up on Tweets, heather strolled over and started up conversation.

After some general conversation about the expo, Brian asked Heather if she had anything up her sleeve in regards to potential FDA problems she may face as a flavored cigar manufacturer. She made mention of an unflavored project she was working on and left it at that.

At the time I was curious as to how the market would react to a flavored cigar manufacturer getting into non-flavored products. With the vast success of the Liga Privada No. 9 by Drew Estates, I wondered if she may have the same outcome.

Below is the press release I received yesterday. Check it out and leave a comment on how you think Heavenly Cigars will do with a non-flavored cigar on the market.

Heavenly Cigars Press Release:

Heavenly Cigar Company Turns Red Lion Loose on Smokers This Summer

August 12 will see the formal launch of Heavenly Cigar Company’s Red Lion, the first departure from their focus on Heaven premium flavored cigars, into the world of premium natural cigars. According to Heather L. Phillips, company founder and CEO, “It took several tries over the years, before I felt the blend was worthy of its title, ‘King of Cigars.’ Our master blender in Nicaragua met our strict standards for this important new product category from Heavenly Cigar. The fine-tuning of the complex five-nation blend and smoothing out its power was a real achievement. Two wrapper choices are available: a Connecticut broadleaf Maduro and an Ecuadorean-grown Habano Rosado.

Cigar connoisseurs will be especially pleased by the depth and harmony of the blends. The power is tamed, but not at the expense of its richness. I selected the Rosado wrapper for its character and spicy finish … it also has a lustrous, reddish sheen that reflects the Red Lion theme. A Brazilian binder, combined with a Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican filler, rounds out both cigars’ blends.”

Red Lion is available in a 4.5″ x 48 Robusto, a 5.5″ x 52 Torpedo, and a 6″ x 60 Toro Gordo. Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing falls competitively into the mid-priced-cigar range. The oak-stained, split-top box presentation holds 20 Robustos or Torpedos, or 15 of the larger Toro Gordos.

Although the blends are all new, Red Lion has been in the company’s portfolio since Heavenly Cigars’ beginnings in 1999. “But, we offered it only as a special-order item,” reports Phillips, “ and didn’t actively promote it. Now, with a fresh, new blend and packaging, Red Lion is springing into the market, and we’re confident the product and timing are right.”

Red Lion Cigar by Heavenly Cigar

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3 thoughts on “Heavenly Cigars Releases an Un-Flavored Cigar

  1. I think they will do just fine as long as the cigar is good. There is no reason to think they would not do okay. Now they might want to make sure they have plenty of signage and markings on the boxes so people know they are unflavored!!


    Oh and since they stole my towns name, can i sue :p lol

    They could at least send me a couple boxes to spread around in our little town, or come to our town and hand some out for stealing our name :p

  2. I think it’s a great idea! To truly gain the respect of the cigar smoking community, You have to have something unflavored! I also agree with Mike . It better be good and clearly marked, Otherwise no one will bite,and word gets around quick in todays cigar market!

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